Capability development

Tools and training to explore career pathways, enhance capabilities and progress your procurement career.
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Measure your capability

Use the online Procurement Capability Compass to identify your strengths and opportunities for development.

  • It takes approximately 90 minutes to complete multiple-choice questions.
  • It aligns with the NSW Public Sector Capability Framework
  • You get a report of your results with 70:20:10 recommendations for development.
  • Use the results to discuss your career development with your manager.
  • Repeat the assessment yearly to measure your progress.
  • An aggregate of your agency’s capability results is used to report on annual accreditation.

Request access to the Compass portal by contacting your manager or chief procurement officer.

Career planning

Have you considered a career in government procurement? A career in NSW Government procurement can offer:

  • working for environmental good
  • social change
  • solutions to sustainability
  • giving back to your community
  • diversity of work
  • collaborative working.

Video transcript : Procurement careers DOCX, 200.08 KB

Procurement roles across the sector

Video transcript - Procurement roles across the sector for graduates DOCX, 199.44 KB

View the Public Service Commission procurement sector role descriptions to understand the capabilities and levels required for different roles.

Professional networking

The Community of Procurement Professionals is for people working in government procurement.

The community comes together to:

  • develop their capability
  • share knowledge and expertise
  • hear speakers on emerging trends and topics of interest
  • share strategies related to developing capability.

The community meets quarterly. We welcome public sector professionals, especially those in procurement, purchasing and contract management. We also host bi-monthly online sessions.

Knowledge and thought leadership

Your agency may be a member of or subscribe to professional associations that you can use for professional development.

Speak to your manager or chief procurement officer for more information.