buy.nsw Supplier Hub

All suppliers who are active and registered on eTendering are being migrated to buy.nsw Supplier Hub.
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Suppliers are transitioning to buy.nsw Supplier hub

As suppliers transition their eTendering profile to Supplier hub you may notice:

  • a delay when suppliers start appearing on Supplier hub
  • search results may be incomplete.

Supplier lists will continue to be available on eTendering and buy.nsw guided buying until most suppliers are on Supplier hub.

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What is buy.nsw Supplier hub

For businesses, Supplier hub is a dashboard that provides access to all procurement-related actions, including:

  • updating their information
  • editing their profile
  • viewing their opportunities in a single place.

For buyers, Supplier hub is a searchable database of all suppliers who have registered to do business with NSW Government. It is easier to navigate and shows complete business profiles.