Why supply to government

Selling to government is easier than ever.
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What you need to know
  1. We’re awarding more government work than ever and we actively encourage suppliers to apply for work.
  2. This includes small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and regional business. It also includes Aboriginal businesses and Australian Disability Enterprises (ADEs).
  3. We’ve introduced new rules to 'level the playing field' and make sure these businesses have a fair chance of winning work.
  4. We’ve also introduced rules to make sure small businesses get paid quickly.
  5. We especially encourage you to apply for work if you have an innovative solution that can deliver greater efficiency.

Government work is increasing

NSW Government spends over $30 billion each year on goods, services and infrastructure.

We have an obligation to the people of NSW to spend this money fairly and efficiently. To this end, we encourage a diverse range of suppliers to apply for NSW Government work.

Read about how you can supply to NSW Government.

We encourage all businesses to work with us

To keep our commitment to the people of NSW, we have 5 procurement objectives that shape the way we buy.

You can read more about our procurement objectives on our buyer guidance section.

We encourage suppliers who can help us meet our objectives to apply for government work. This includes businesses with innovative solutions and efficient service delivery models.

It also includes certain categories of businesses, particularly small or regional enterprises (SMEs), regional businesses, Aboriginal-owned businesses and Australian Disability Enterprises.

Read more about the businesses we’re looking to encourage.

We make it easy to do business

We’ve re-written the rules of engagement, reducing red tape and making it simpler for government agencies to award certain types of work.

If you run a small business, government agencies may now be able to buy directly from you with just one written quote. This only applies when the contract value is less than $50,000.

We know cashflow is important for your business viability. So we’ve introduced new rules that make sure you get paid fast.

For contracts under $250,000 we’ve made it mandatory for government agencies to consider buying from SMEs, regional and Aboriginal-owned businesses before they go to market.

We’ve also shifted away from the cumbersome and onerous system of tendering for all contracts. We've introduced schemes. They aim to make the system fairer for all businesses. It should also reduce the time you need to spend tendering, so you can spend more time running your business.

Read more about our commitment to making it easy to do business.

We promote innovation

Delivering the best value to the people of NSW means looking at ways to deliver goods and services more innovatively.

We encourage innovative businesses to offer up their best solutions at every stage of our procurement process. We also encourage you to submit unsolicited proposals whenever you believe you can deliver something a better way.