Government contracts and schemes

The easiest way to supply NSW Government is through contracts or schemes.
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What you need to know
  1. The main way NSW Government buys is through contracts and prequalification schemes.
  2. Under contracts, particular suppliers are appointed to supply defined goods or services for a set period of time.
  3. Prequalification schemes are lists of suppliers from which government agencies can seek proposals or quotes.
  4. You can respond to tenders for contracts and apply for prequalification schemes on eTendering.
  5. You can register to become a NSW Government supplier at our Supplier hub, which links directly to eTendering.

Contracts are used for specific supply

Contracts are usually awarded after a competitive tender process.

Contracts are used when one or more suppliers of similar goods or services are appointed to sell to NSW Government for a specified period of time, under agreed terms and conditions including price. Contracts have start and end dates, although sometimes they can be extended.

Contracts can either be specific to one agency, or they can be whole-of-government. A whole-of-government contract means all NSW Government agencies buy from the one contract. However, even agency-specific contracts can usually be used by other agencies once they’ve been set up.

We maintain a list of whole-of-government contracts on our site.

Tenders are advertised on eTendering. When you register on our Supplier hub, you'll be able to opt-in for notifications of tenders that match your company’s profile.

Read more about the process for tendering.

Prequalification schemes enable buyers and suppliers to find each other

A prequalification scheme covers a wide range of goods and services from a particular sector.

When a government agency needs to buy goods or services, it can approach these prequalified suppliers in various ways – including via a request for tender (RFT), request for quote (RFQ) or request for proposal (RFP). It can sometimes also negotiate directly with suppliers, depending on the circumstances.

Unlike contracts, suppliers can register any time for inclusion in most schemes on our Supplier hub.

View our current prequalification schemes.

Know the benefits of prequalification schemes

Prequalification schemes provide benefits to government agencies and suppliers.

As buyers, agencies benefit from being able to:

  • access a panel of expert resources that can deliver quality goods and services
  • more efficiently run competitive tendering processes by tapping into a group of suppliers with a demonstrated track record.

As suppliers, we aim to provide benefits to suppliers by:

  • reducing red tape and lowering costs when doing business with government
  • simplifying terms and conditions
  • enabling immediate access to an online, self-service application process
  • providing the ability to apply for inclusion in a scheme at any time, not just during application windows
  • categorising business opportunities by regions and categories, where we can.

Apply to join a prequalification scheme

The application process for schemes varies, depending on the nature of the goods and services covered by the scheme.

Some schemes provide different levels of prequalification, with fewer requirements for works up to certain values or thresholds.

In every application process, we’ve considered the need to reduce red tape and to connect government agencies and market expertise.

New suppliers must register on Supplier hub first

If you are a new supplier, you will need to register first on Supplier hub.

Once registered, you can log in and apply for any schemes that apply to you.

Registered suppliers may apply to schemes

If you're already registered on Supplier hub and you're interested in joining a prequalification scheme, log in into your account to apply for schemes that apply to you.