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What you need to know
  1. NSW Government agencies mainly buy through contracts and prequalification schemes.
  2. You can join a prequalification scheme and search current and upcoming tender opportunities on eTendering.
  3. Suppliers may be invited to tender for a contract.
  4. For low-risk and low-value purchases, NSW Government agencies may be able to buy outside an existing contract.

Supply on a NSW Government contract

NSW Government contracts are the main way government agencies buy goods and services. They let you supply a particular good or service for a specific period of time.

Suppliers are invited to tender for a contract when a new one is created or an existing one is renewed.

You can also see a list of all current and open contracts in the Contracts library.

Join a prequalification scheme

Prequalification schemes provide government agencies with a list of expert resources they know have certain specialisations. They then use this list to procure the goods and services they need.

New suppliers can usually register to join a scheme at any time. This helps promote competition and provides a pool of talent.

The first step to joining a prequalification scheme is to register on eTendering. Once you have done this you can start your application.

Register as a new user on eTendering.

Find and respond to a particular opportunity

You can find upcoming and open opportunities on the eTendering website. You’ll need to be a registered user on the site to take part in any tender.

If you’re part of a prequalification scheme, you may also find you’re invited to apply for particular opportunities that arise. If you have the expertise agencies are looking for, they may also be able to negotiate directly with you, especially for low-value and low-risk work.

Visit eTendering website.

Other ways to supply to government

There are sometimes other ways you can supply to government. For instance, if the contract value is less than $10,000 a government agency can often buy from anyone. If the contract is under $50,000 they can often buy directly from a small business.

There are also special rules that apply to SMEs and regional businesses, as well as Aboriginal-owned businesses for contracts under $250,000.

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