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We actively encourage government agencies to buy from Aboriginal businesses.
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What you need to know
  1. The NSW Government is making it easier for Aboriginal businesses to work with us.
  2. We recommend agencies give first consideration to Aboriginal business for goods and services contracts up to $250,000.
  3. For contracts over $7.5 million, suppliers must consider opportunities for Aboriginal participation.
  4. You can register at our Supplier hub at any time to be included in a prequalification scheme to supply to government.

We encourage government agencies to buy from Aboriginal businesses

The NSW Government values the contribution that the First Economy makes to the community and supports the growth of Aboriginal-owned businesses.

The Aboriginal Procurement Policy 2021 (APP 2021) helps Aboriginal businesses get government contracts – directly and as sub-contractors.

The APP 2021 becomes effective for new contracts from 1 January 2021 and replaces the Aboriginal Procurement Policy (2018) PDF, 107.5 KB and Aboriginal Participation in Construction Policy (2018) PDF, 136.67 KB.

If you have an existing contract under the 2018 policies, the requirements of your contract won't change.

We've set ambitious targets to increase our spend with Aboriginal businesses

The revised APP sets ambitious targets for NSW Government clusters to spend 1% of addressable expenditure directly with Aboriginal businesses.

We've retained the target to direct 3% goods and services contracts to Aboriginal businesses. All NSW Government clusters have been assigned targets to reach to improve accountability. The targets and our progress towards them are available on this website.

Employing Aboriginal people in the industry is also one of our priorities.

Our policy aims to increase spend with Aboriginal businesses

The APP 2021 covers all NSW Government contracts -- for both construction and goods and services procurement.

The policy requires that, for procurements up to $250,000 (excl. GST), government agencies should first consider buying from an Aboriginal business directly even where there is a prequalification scheme in place – an Aboriginal business doesn’t need to be on a scheme for you to buy from them.

Agencies can buy from an Aboriginal business by requesting a single quote.

Where there’s no prequalification scheme, agencies can buy directly from Aboriginal businesses for contracts up to $250,000 even if there’s a whole-of-government arrangement already in place.

Contracts over $7.5 million

The APP 2021 requires that suppliers include a minimum 1.5% Aboriginal participation in all contracts over $7.5 million (excluding GST). This can include sub-contracting, employment and training activity.

Register for government work if you're an Aboriginal business

Under the APP 2021, Aboriginal businesses must be recognised as an Aboriginal business by a suitable organisation such as Supply Nation or the NSW Indigenous Chamber of Commerce.

If you own an Aboriginal business and are recognised by either of these bodies, we encourage you to register for opportunities to supply to government.

We advertise most government opportunities on eTendering. Once you register to sell via our Supplier hub, you can respond to advertised tenders or apply to join relevant prequalification schemes. While this is not required to supply on procurements up to $250,000, prequalifying will increase the visibility of your business to buyers.

When you’re accepted on a prequalification scheme, you may be invited to quote for specific opportunities that fit your company’s profile. You’ll also often be able to apply for other opportunities more efficiently, using the information you’ve already uploaded.

If you are an Aboriginal business and interested in sub-contracting opportunities, you can search contracts awarded on eTendering. Here, you will be able to find details of suppliers that have been awarded contracts so that you can contact them to seek out any sub-contracting opportunities that may be available.

Register now on our Supplier hub so you can supply to NSW Government.

Our concierge service reaches out to Aboriginal businesses

The concierge service is an initiative to personally reach out to Aboriginal businesses throughout all of NSW and help them gain greater access to NSW Government procurement opportunities.

NSW Procurement will provide assistance in matching agency buyers, where possible, to Aboriginal businesses in all categories of work including ICT, construction, professional services and all other goods and services.

In addition, NSW Procurement can provide advice on various Aboriginal policies and practical advice, and examples on how to directly engage Aboriginal businesses subject to value for money outcomes.

Agencies and Aboriginal businesses in NSW can seek further information on the concierge service by emailing sourcing@treasury.nsw.gov.au or phoning 1800 679 289.

Agency procurement unit contact list for suppliers

Cluster or Agency


Transport for NSW


NSW Health


NSW Health – Northern Sydney Local Health District


NSW Health – Hunter New England Local Health District


Ministry of Health


Healthshare NSW


Healthshare NSW Local Tender & Contracts Team


Ambulance Service NSW


Cancer Institute


NSW Stronger Communities


Communities & Justice


Office of Sport


State Emergency Services


NSW Police


Rural Fire Service


NSW Education


NSW Education – DoE State Office


TAFE Commission


NSW Education Standards Authority


NSW Customer Service


Customer Service ICT Procurement


NSW Department of Premier & Cabinet


Infrastructure NSW


NSW Premier & Cabinet – NSW Ombudsman


NSW Premier & Cabinet – Public Service Commission


Department of Planning, Industry & Environment


NSW Land & Housing Corporation


Regional NSW


NSW Treasury


NSW Procurement


Destination NSW


Infrastructure & Structured Finance Unit


Western City Aerotropolis Authority