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If you want to be a government supplier, you need to adhere to the standards of conduct we expect from you
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What you need to know
  1. You have certain obligations you must meet under the Supplier Code of Conduct.
  2. If you fail to meet these, you may lose work, face investigation and suspension.
  3. If you’re applying to be part of a construction project, you must also adhere to the NSW Industrial Relations Guidelines: Building and Construction procurement.

Supplier Code of Conduct

As a government, we expect every supplier and buyer to adhere to certain standards of behaviour. We’ve set these out in the Supplier Code of Conduct.

The Code of Conduct is a minimum framework for how we expect you to conduct yourself and your business. Agencies can build on this and hold you to more stringent requirements where it’s appropriate. It also gives you a minimum framework for how you can expect an agency to conduct itself.

If you don’t comply with the Code of Conduct or if you engage in unethical or corrupt behaviour, it may lead to you:

  • having the NSW Government terminating the contract
  • losing future work
  • suffering a loss to your reputation
  • facing an investigation for corruption
  • having your matter criminally investigated
  • being suspended or removed from prequalification schemes and panels.

View the Supplier Code of Conduct.

NSW Industrial Relations Guidelines: Building and Construction Procurement

These guidelines apply to all business that bid or tender for NSW Government construction work.

They reflect the NSW Government’s commitment to greater building and construction industry productivity. They’re also designed to make sure we maximise value for money on infrastructure spending.

The guidelines are particularly directed towards making sure businesses comply with the law, work safely and productively and encourage freedom of association.

Read more about the NSW Industrial Relations Guidelines: Building and Construction Procurement.

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Use of the NSW Government logo by suppliers

The NSW Waratah logo is a registered trademark and the property of the NSW Government. It cannot be used by suppliers without authorisation.  The terms and conditions of a procurement contract are not sufficient to authorise the use of a trademarked logo.

If you have provided services to the NSW Government, you can reference this as part of your client portfolio with approval from your government agency client.

Please note: the Registered Supplier and Contracted Supplier logos are no longer permitted for use. They should be removed from corporate and marketing materials.

Please contact the NSW Procurement Service Centre on or 1800 679 289 if you have any questions.