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Signmee helps businesses rapidly shift to electronic signatures (eSign), removing the need for staff, clients and suppliers to fill, print, sign, scan and return forms. Signmee uses ground-breaking cyber security software Cipherise to validate all parties signing and distributing forms and documents to ensure there is no fraudulent activity.


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  • FOBISIA Member - Federation of British Schools in Asia
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  • Commercialisation Australia Grant
  • 2014 iAwards Victoria Merit Recipient
  • 2016 Wellington Business Excellence Awards Finalist
  • 2017 Capterra Most Affordable Electronic Signature Software
  • Oz Cyber 2018


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    Going digital has a huge upside, and electronic signatures are no exception. The paper-process burden of printing, posting, signing, returning, copying, filing and physically storing signed documents is obsolete with new digital options to fill, sign and submit, cutting days to weeks out of administration. The digital way with eSign and eForms through Signmee makes it quicker and simpler for businesses, governments, organisations such as schools and medical practices, and those they interact with to validate authorisation.

    In the case of e-signatures, there’s a danger of a digital imposter fraudulently authorising financial transactions, medical approvals and general consent forms. To solve digital risk and protect sensitive data, Signmee has incorporated state-of-the-art cyber security and authorisation software Cipherise. Cipherise validates all parties signing and distributing a document to put an end to fraudulent activity and stop identity theft