Date: 18 Dec 2019 - 26 Aug 2020
Updated: 26 Aug 2020
Type: Whole of government

The scheme includes a wide range of suppliers evaluated on their capability, capacity and overall value for money.

They have been screened to ensure compliance requirements have been met and many contractual issues resolved, enabling customers to buy with confidence and reduced risk.

Each customer order placed in accordance with these rules will create a separate customer order.

The Talent Acquisition Scheme replaced:

  • Executive Search Scheme (SCM0227)
  • Assessment Services Panel Contract (A1651200).

Range of services

Design and delivery of assessments

The design and delivery of assessments, including pre- and post-assessments, for the recruitment and selection of executives and non-executives in the NSW public sector.

Talent search

Executive search for ongoing and term employment in senior executive roles. This includes NSW Public Service senior executives, NSW Health senior executives, NSW Police Force senior executives, NSW Transport senior executives and other statutory senior executives.

Non-executive recruitment for ongoing and term employment across the sector. This includes bulk/mass recruitment.

Psychometric tools

To provide and administer approved psychometric assessment tools. This includes:

  • cognitive ability
  • skills based
  • personality
  • emotional intelligence assessments.

Recruitment technologies

It allows the customer to engage a supplier to provide and administer approved recruitment technologies.

Key benefits

The Talent Acquisition Scheme:

  • allows government to engage suppliers with less red tape
  • makes it easier for suppliers to do business with the NSW Government, in particular small to medium enterprises and regional businesses
  • opens up the contractual arrangements to more suppliers
  • provides better leverage of the available talent pool
  • preserves the government’s position of leverage within the market place
  • is respectful of associated risk.