How to supply

Date: 18 Dec 2019 - 20 Jan 2021
Updated: 20 Jan 2021
Type: Whole of government

How to apply

Any supplier wishing to be added to this supply panel should email the State Library on for details on the process.

This is a panel contract established by the State Library of NSW which may be accessed by other eligible agencies in accordance with NSW Government policy for multi-access arrangements.

Eligible agencies include:

  • any government sector agency as defined in the Government Sector Employment Act 2013
  • a public body as defined in clause 6 of the Public Works and Procurement Regulation 2014 that is eligible to become a registered buyer under NSW Government contracts or other supply arrangements which may include a:
    • private hospital
    • local council or other local authority
    • charity or other community non-profit organisation
    • private school or college
    • university
    • public authority of the Commonwealth, any other State or Territory
    • public authority of any other jurisdiction (but only if it carries on activities in NSW)
    • contractor to a public authority (but only in respect of things done as such a contractor).

A community, non-profit organisation does not include an industry association or similar body, the activities of which are intended to promote the interests of a particular industry or sector of an industry.

How to manage scheme requests

To provide a quote for services, suppliers must:

  1. complete the purchase order provided by the eligible agency, including any attachments, and specify the fees offered.The purchase order may be the one associated with either:
  2. sign the completed purchase order
  3. return the completed purchase order to the eligible agency as applicable within the time specified by the relevant agency in its request for quote.

The supplier must clearly demonstrate in each quote how the fees offered by the supplier in that quote have been calculated.

By submitting a quote, the supplier offers to perform the services described in the quote in accordance with the terms of the appropriate MDSA:

These should include any project-specific terms and conditions included by the eligible agency pursuant to clause 4.2(f) of the agreement.

Each purchase order established under the MDSA will constitute a separate contract between the customer and the supplier under clause 4.5 Separate contracts of the MDSA.

As provided in clause 4.2(f) of the signed agreement, a purchase order may contain terms and conditions in addition to those in the MDSA.

The terms of the MDSA will prevail over any terms and conditions in a purchase order that directly conflict with the MDSA, unless the purchase order expressly provides that the conflicting term or condition supersedes the MDSA.

Additional or different terms or conditions apply to the purchase order in which they are contained only.