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Applying to the scheme

The scheme is open and suppliers can apply through eTendering.

Applicants will be notified of an outcome within a few weeks of their submission.

Download the guidelines for applicants. PDF, 301.61 KB

Updating your details

Updates can be made through eTendering.

View the instructions for how to update your company details DOCX, 1257.62 KB and how to update your insurance information DOCX, 1339.75 KB.

Managing requests

Suppliers on the scheme may receive a request for services (RFx) from potential buyers via email or through eQuote.

Suppliers can view requests, send intent to respond, respond to a request, ask questions, withdraw a response or decline an invitation online.

Buyers will evaluate the responses they receive from selected vendors and notify suppliers accordingly.

eQuote training is available for suppliers in responding to requests for quotation.

Code of conduct

The supplier must, in carrying out this agreement, comply with the codes, policies, guidelines and standards listed in the terms and conditions.

Guidelines and conditions

Applicants have the ability to apply for regions and work categories that match their area of expertise.  This provides opportunities for small to medium size businesses, particularly in regional areas, to qualify for the scheme.

Providing feedback

Feedback on the scheme may be provided at any time.

View the feedback form DOCX, 36.99 KB for suppliers.