How to buy

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Buyers can access the scheme through eQuote. It allows buyers to download supplier lists, create and issue requests for quotes/proposals and award contracts online. eQuote training is available for agencies.

To get access to eQuote, please contact your agency's eTendering administrator to have the appropriate role (agency buyer) added to your NSW eTendering profile.

If your organisation does not have access to the eQuote system and you need urgent access to supplier lists, please email

Engaging a supplier

Once you have selected an appropriate service provider, you need the order to engage them.

To do this:

  1. Complete the appropriate SA NSW short form standard form of agreement SA NSW short form agreement DOCX, 1101.73 KB.
  2. Issue a purchase order with a special condition that states “under the terms and conditions of the SCM4721 agreement terms and conditions".

After the supplier has completed services, we need to measure their performance.

Performance evaluation

In order to ensure that NSW Government agencies get the maximum value out of the scheme, simple tools help you manage contracts under this panel. The tools ensure that all service providers provide the level of service that you need.  They also give you the opportunity to rate the service from different suppliers.

Performance reporting ensures continuous improvement and identifies and resolves any project issues.

It is recommended that you complete a supplier performance survey for each engaged supplier at the completion of an engagement.

The individual project manager is responsible for the submission of the report at the completion of the engagement. This must be provided to

Download the Performance report template DOCX, 81.52 KB.