How to supply

Updated: 27 Apr 2020

How to apply

The scheme is currently open and suppliers may only submit applications through eTendering.

Applicants can expect to be notified of an outcome within six weeks of their submission.

How to update your details

Updates to registered details can be made on eTendering.

To ensure that all service providers maximise their supply opportunities across government agencies, current suppliers are encouraged to check and, if required, update their registered details, including scheme contacts, key personnel and company profile.

Applicants have the opportunity to apply for additional capabilities relating to property types, regions, sale values and complexities as their experience grows.

How to manage scheme requests

Suppliers on the scheme may receive a request for services (RFx) from potential buyers through eQuote.

Suppliers will be able to view requests, send intent to respond, respond to a request, ask questions, withdraw a response or decline an invitation online.

Buyers will evaluate the responses they receive from selected vendors and notify suppliers accordingly.

eQuote training is available for suppliers in responding to requests for quotation.

Guidelines and conditions

Applicants have the ability to apply for property types, regions and value categories that match their area of expertise. This lets small to medium businesses, particularly in regional areas, to qualify for the scheme.

Performance evaluation

Performance reporting is used to ensure continuous improvement and to identify and resolve any project issues.

The individual project manager is responsible for the submission of the report at the completion of the engagement.

This must be provided to the service provider and a copy sent to