How to buy

Updated: 27 Apr 2020

In accordance with Premier’s Memorandum 2012-20, Property NSW manages all proposed real property disposals on behalf of General Government Sector agencies and Public Trading Enterprises (excluding State Owned Corporations) unless Property NSW approves another agency/Public Trading Enterprise undertaking the management of proposed real property disposals.

Property NSW should approve surplus property disposal before a marketing agent is engaged. Buyers must ensure they have Asset Disposal Register (ADR) approval before proceeding with the sale process.

The scheme will be available soon to buyers through eQuote. It will allow buyers to download supplier lists, create and issue requests for quotes/proposals and award contracts online. eQuote training is available for agencies.

To get access to eQuote, please contact your agency's eTendering administrator to have the appropriate role (agency buyer) added to your eTendering profile.

If your organisation does not have access to the eQuote system and you need urgent access to supplier lists, please email

Number of quotes required

Under the scheme, the following minimum levels of competition apply:

Estimated Value of property asset ($)

(including GST)

Minimum written quotes required

Small sales valued under $600K


Medium sales valued between $600K to $5M


Large sales valued between $5M to $15M


Major sales valued higher than $15M


Performance evaluation

Performance reporting is used to ensure continuous improvement and to identify and resolve any project issues.

The individual project manager is responsible for the submission of the report at the completion of the engagement; which must be provided to the service provider and a copy sent to

Download the performance report template DOCX, 33.66 KB.

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