Performance and Management Services Scheme

Update history

Changes to Performance and Management Services (PMS) Scheme Rules (SCM0005)
Updated: 1 Dec 2020

The scheme rules have been updated for compliance with the Enforceable Procurement Provisions (EPP) Direction.

NSW Procurement has amended the Performance and Management Services (PMS) Scheme and established a procurement list.

The procurement list provides a procurement pathway that is compliant with the PBD 2019-05 Enforceable Procurement Provisions (EPP Direction) for procurements of professional services (including consultancy) over $680,000 (ex GST).

Full/advanced suppliers currently prequalified on the PMS Scheme have been transitioned to the procurement list.

All buyers and suppliers using the scheme should familiarise themselves with the updated PMS Scheme Rules DOCX, 279.3 KB. See section 6 for details on the procurement list.

For more information on the PMS Scheme please email

Changes to probity services engagements under the Performance and Management Services Scheme
Updated: 1 Jul 2020

New requirements for engagements of probity advisors and auditors under SCM0005.

From 1 July 2020, the following requirements apply for engagements of probity advisors and auditors under the Performance and Management Services (PMS) Scheme:

  • Suppliers approved under engagement type 6c Probity can only provide the assurance-related services listed below:
    • governance (1g)
    • accounting standards (5b)
    • forensic advisory (5g)
    • internal/external audit (6a)
    • risk management (6b)
    • probity services (6c)
    • Goods and Services Tax (7a)
    • other tax services (7b)
    • procurement/sourcing (9a)
    • category management (9b)
    • procurement accreditation (9c)
    • crisis management (14a)
    • fraud and corruption investigation (14c)
    • risk (15b)
    • major project procurement / delivery and project management (15c).
  • Only approved specified personnel of prequalified probity suppliers on the PMS scheme can provide probity services under the scheme. Approved personnel have undergone background checks. See ‘list of suppliers’ for a current list of approved personnel.
  • NSW Procurement will collect spend information from these suppliers to report probity spend to the Procurement Board.

These new requirements are in response to the NSW Audit Office report on the engagement of probity advisors and probity auditors.

Update on the Performance and Management Services Scheme and the standard commercial framework
Updated: 1 Jun 2018

Buyers can use the new engagement types in eQuote now. Suppliers need to respond to the standard commercial framework by 30 June.

The Performance and Management Services Scheme (PMS) has re-opened in eTendering after a brief closedown for scheme changes including the addition of the standard commercial framework.

  • eQuote is now available and has been updated with the new engagement types for the PMS Scheme.
  • By 30 June all existing PMS Scheme suppliers must update their scheme application in eTendering to confirm acceptance of the standard commercial framework PPTX, 346.85 KB.
  • As suppliers update their profiles, NSW Procurement will update the supplier listing. Suppliers who have accepted the standard commercial framework will be listed on the PMS Scheme.

New or existing tenders and quotes

For tenders and quotes issued prior to 30 June 2018 to suppliers not already listed as compliant:

  • responses are not required to comply with the standard commercial framework
  • however suppliers and agencies are encouraged to adopt the standard commercial framework in any tender or quote before the 30 June deadline.

In all cases, tenders and quotes must apply the same commercial arrangements for all potential suppliers. For example, an RFQ cannot specify one group of suppliers submit proposals under the standard commercial framework and another group of suppliers are exempt from this requirement.

Performance and Management Services Scheme system changes
Updated: 16 May 2018

New supplier applications and requests for quotes under SCM0005 will be unavailable.

New supplier applications on eTenders for the Performance and Management Services (PMS) Scheme will be closed for approximately one week due to the implementation of the standard commercial framework. eQuote will also be unavailable for new RFxs during this time.

The closedown week is expected to start on 21 May 2018. Any changes to this date will be announced in advance.

During the closedown week, buyers can use eTendering instead of eQuote to issue requests for quotes from suppliers on the PMS Scheme.

Download the list of prequalified suppliers and their capabilities.

When using eTendering, buyers should specify that the request for quote is issued under the PMS Scheme within the RFT.

Roll out of framework for the Performance and Management Services (PMS) Prequalification Scheme
Updated: 16 Apr 2018

Framework is being progressively rolled out across suppliers on scheme SCM0005.

The standard commercial framework for the PMS Scheme came into effect on 8 January this year and is being progressively rolled out across suppliers, prioritised on their annual spend.

The sequence of suppliers is not an indication of capability or expertise.

All suppliers should continue to be considered on a project-by-project basis to assess value for money regardless of the implementation sequence.

There are currently 145 suppliers who have accepted the framework and can be engaged as compliant under Procurement Board Direction 2015-04.

View the list of compliant suppliers .

All other suppliers will be able to accept the framework in June 2018. In the meantime, any supplier may submit proposals to agencies in accordance with the framework.

All other provisions within the scheme remain in place for all engagements with all suppliers, including the expenditure limits for flow-on engagements.

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