How to supply

Date: 11 Dec 2019 - 10 Dec 2020
Updated: 10 Dec 2020
Type: Whole of government

Applying to the scheme

Before applying

Please review:

There are 2 types of prequalification for the PMS Scheme:

  • full/advanced: for established suppliers; can be engaged with no value limit.
  • base level: for newly established businesses; for low-risk engagements valued up to $50,000 excluding GST.

As part of the application, suppliers select the engagement types they wish to offer and provide evidence of their organisation's or principle consultants’ capabilities.

Experience within or outside of Australia is relevant, but the resources must be available to provide services in NSW.

Application process

To apply:

  1. Register on eTendering to create an account.
  2. Start an application by logging in with your user account.
  3. Select the prequalification type you wish to apply for – base level or full prequalification.
  4. Answer the questions and upload the required documentation.  Note: It will take some time to prepare your answers and documents for upload. Please provide all information requested before submitting your application, or your application may be rejected.
  5. After submitting your application, the NSW Treasury will conduct:
    • an eligibility assessment for Base level applications
    • a detailed evaluation for Full prequalification applications.
  6. You will be notified of the outcome via email within 4 weeks.

Note: Completing your application on a large screen is easier.

Guidelines and conditions

Refer scheme rules tab on this page.


Suppliers must maintain insurance policies for public liability and workers' compensation as per the scheme rules and where required by law.

Professional indemnity insurance is not mandatory but may be required for some engagements. NSW Government buyers determine the level of cover and monetary limit required based on the level of risk and type of engagement.

Prior to engagement, buyers may request you provide proof of valid insurance.

Access the standard commercial framework

The standard commercial framework includes commercial-in-confidence information that is not publicly available. This includes:

  • capped resource rates
  • discount structure
  • capped expenses
  • resource mix targets.

Prequalified suppliers can find this information by logging into eTendering, clicking on their name in the top right and selecting ‘Scheme applications’. The details are available under the questionnaire section within the ‘standard commercial framework’ heading.

For suppliers applying to the PMS Scheme, this information will form part of the online application process in the scheme documents.

Confirm your proposals comply with the standard commercial framework

From January 2019, when a prequalified PMS Scheme supplier submits a proposal to an agency for engagement types 1 to 13, the supplier will be asked to complete and submit a checklist:

Data reporting for major suppliers

Suppliers that account for major spend in this scheme are required to complete monthly compliance reporting on all professional services engagements.

Download the suppliers' data collection template XLSX, 217.38 KB.

Updating your details

To maximise supply opportunities, prequalified suppliers should check their information in eTendering is current and correct, including:

  • contact person
  • email address
  • locations that you service
  • company profile
  • organisational experience
  • number of employees.

View instructions on how to update your registered email address PDF, 214.32 KB and how to edit your company information PDF, 547.59 KB, including company details, office details, questionnaire

Managing requests

Suppliers may receive a request for services (RFx) from potential buyers through the eQuote system. Suppliers can:

  • view requests
  • send intent to respond
  • respond to a request
  • ask questions
  • withdraw a response or decline an invitation online.

View eQuote training materials, including simulations on how to respond to a RFx.

Rate cards / fees

The standard commercial framework for the PMS Scheme is mandatory for engagement types 1 to 13. It includes capped daily rates for engagement types, per resource type.

Supplier rates should be based on the requirements of the project.

If your rates for engagement types 1 to 13 exceed the capped rates, the buyer must follow a stringent non-compliance approval and reporting process.

Engagement types 14 and 15 are not covered under the standard commercial framework. The capped rates do not apply for these engagement and sub engagement types.

Suppliers that are prequalified for engagement types 14 and 15 must upload a rate card in eTendering.

Performance evaluation

At the end of an engagement buyers must complete supplier performance reports for:

  • all engagements over $150,000 (excluding GST)
  • poor performance.


To send feedback on the PMS Scheme, please complete the feedback form for suppliers DOCX, 25.17 KB and email it to