Date: 18 Dec 2019 - 1 Dec 2020
Updated: 1 Dec 2020
Type: Whole of government

The ITS 2573 Operational Telecommunications Equipment, Infrastructure and Services Prequalification Scheme has been established as part of the NSW Government’s procurement reforms, which aim to simplify contracts and tenders and improve opportunities for small to medium enterprises (SMEs) to do business with the NSW Government.

Scheme structure

The ITS 2573 Scheme offers 2 supplier lists according to contract value and risk:

  • registered supplier list - approved to supply low risk contracts valued up to $150,000 each (inclusive GST).
  • prequalified supplier list - approved to supply high risk contracts or contracts valued above $150,000 each (inclusive GST).

Scheme management

The scheme is administered by a scheme manager with responsibility for managing the panel categories, supporting customers in the sourcing process and running the supplier performance management system as well as other general management tasks.

The operation of the scheme is overseen by a scheme committee with membership from across various government agencies. The scheme committee is responsible for:

  • governance of the scheme
  • evaluating submissions for new suppliers
  • endorsing and participating in supplier performance reviews
  • providing direction and guidance on scheme operations.

The ITS 2573 scheme committee comprises members from NSW Telco Authority and other NSW government agencies.

Equipment sub-panels

The sub-panels allow for the provision of a broad range of equipment, infrastructure and services that have been assessed to meet the government's requirements. They reflect the evolving technology needs of NSW Government agencies.

The benefits of the sub-panels are:

  • simplifying NSW Government terminal purchases
  • centralising the administration and vendor management
  • a new standard of terminal categories
  • a new standard approach to reporting requirements and contract management across government.

Frequently asked questions about the sub-panel are available below.

For more details on NSW Government Operational Communications Strategy, view or download the DFSI-2015-06 NSW Government Operation Communications Strategy.

Range of products and services

The scheme provides:

  • radio communications and link equipment for voice and data services
  • infrastructure and equipment to support radio communications and linking network equipment
  • all services required to develop, plan, design, install, manage and maintain network equipment and infrastructure.

The scheme includes a broad group of suppliers, from small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to large organisations, local and national businesses. So agencies can match the right vendor to the right job.

The scheme includes performance management of suppliers. This promotes better outcomes for agencies through more informed decisions and allows the panel to evolve and keep pace with technology and the market.

The scheme is open to NSW Government agencies and eligible buyers and has 3 categories:

(A) Equipment

Radio communications and link equipment used for the provision of voice and data services.


  • Network equipment
  • Link equipment
  • Power equipment
  • Terminal equipment

(B) Infrastructure

Infrastructure and equipment required to support radio communications and linking network equipment for Category A.


  • Poles/towers
  • Ancillary tower infrastructure
  • Security/safety systems and devices
  • Fibre infrastructure
  • Communications buildings

(C) Services

All services required to develop, plan, design and install, manage and maintain network Equipment (A) and Infrastructure (B).


  • Construction services
  • Design services (including IT architecture)
  • Project management services
  • Maintenance services
  • Strategic telco services

For more details on each sub-category, download ITS 2573 prequalification scheme categories and sub-categories  PDF, 28.85 KB.

Agencies must procure goods and services from any product catalogue established by the Authority under Panel Contract ITS 2573 – Operational Telecommunications Services, Equipment and Infrastructure unless exempted. The current catalogues cover products such as:

  • terminals (UHF)
  • terminals (VHF)
  • huts and outdoor units
  • towers
  • DC power
  • point to point microwave equipment
  • passive equipment
  • P25 equipment
  • radio rebroadcast equipment
  • spectrum services
  • MPLS backhaul equipment

Please email for pricing and further details.

Key benefits

The scheme provides simple access for NSW Government buyers and industry vendors. It promotes increased competitiveness to enable agencies to get better value for money.

Benefits for buyers

  • streamlined categories of telecommunications to ensure that the scheme best meets the government’s requirements
  • continual access to new suppliers and emerging technologies
  • risk assessment guidelines to assist agencies select appropriate suppliers for their individual requirements
  • ability to drive value by assessing price and non-price factors for each engagement
  • online eQuote tool to conduct competitive requests for quotation (RFQs).

Benefits for suppliers

  • an online application removes lengthy and expensive tender processes
  • suppliers can be added regularly, giving agencies continual access to new suppliers and emerging technologies
  • streamlined categories of telecommunications, enabling suppliers to align their offerings and maximise opportunities to provide services to government
  • two supplier lists: suppliers can apply for inclusion on one or both of these lists, depending on their capacity and capability
  • a short-form contract with simplified terms and lower insurance requirements for the low-risk low-value category of work provides opportunities for SMEs and reduces costs of doing business with government.