Date: 18 Dec 2019 - 20 Jan 2021
Updated: 20 Jan 2021
Type: Whole of government

The NSW Government Legal Services Panel offers a range of legal services and expertise to meet the external legal needs of NSW Government agencies (and other agencies eligible to purchase from NSW Government contracts).

It is a closed panel - new suppliers will not be added.

The panel rules and off-panel engagements guideline set out the exemptions from engaging panel firms and explain what work is outside the scope of the panel. See the frequently asked questions for agencies or panel firms for information about how the panel documents relate to each other.

Range of legal services

The panel has 6 sub-panels and 35 areas of law:

  1. Major transactions
    • Major infrastructure projects
    • Construction
    • Major commercial matters
    • PPPs and associated transactions
    • Dispute resolution
    • Commercial law
  2. Commercial
    • Commercial and contractual matters
    • Media law
    • Intellectual property
    • Information technology
    • Insurance
    • Competition law
    • Taxation law
    • Construction
  3. Planning, property and environment
    • Complex property advice and transactions
    • Routine/standard property advice and transactions
    • Planning, environmental, heritage and natural resources
    • Statutory land acquisition processes
    • Corridor/Infrastructure and accreditation requirements
    • Crown land
    • Local government law
  4. Employment, work health and safety
    • Employment and industrial relations law
    • Visiting practitioner contract and appointment D&A
    • Hurt on duty matters (NSW Police only)
    • Work health and safety
    • Workers compensation
    • Discrimination
  5. Government, regulatory and administrative
    • Administrative, governance, statutory interpretation and advice
    • Statutory applications
    • Enforcement, regulation and prosecution
    • Aviation law
  6. Litigation and inquiries
    • Liability litigation
    • General litigation and dispute resolution
    • Debt recovery
    • Inquiries

View more details and examples in the list of sub-panels and areas of law PDF, 171.87 KB.

Panel management

Transport for NSW is the panel manager. Transport for NSW managed the procurement process which was overseen by a steering committee comprising the general counsels of each cluster central agency.

Transport for NSW will report on panel expenditure every 6 months to the Procurement Board. Agencies are required to report off-panel expenditure to the panel manager every 6 months for provision to the Procurement Board.


Panel firms must provide the panel manager with a certificate of currency for their insurance before submitting their first invoice.

Once insurance cover lapses, an updated certificate of currency must be provided to the panel manager before the next invoice is submitted.