Date: 1 May 2014 - 30 Apr 2020
Updated: 26 Aug 2020
Managed: NSWP
Type: Whole of government

The scheme was established for a 5-year period, with an annual refresh to include new suppliers and new motor vehicle models.

Key benefits

  • A straightforward request for proposal (RFP) intake removes lengthy and expensive tender processes.
  • Suppliers agree to simplified scheme conditions before becoming an approved provider, reducing red tape and making the process simpler.
  • Dynamic pricing enables suppliers to amend their discounts at any time, without going below their originally tendered discount.
  • Increased opportunity to present solutions to NSW Government through 6-monthly assessments of supplier RFQs in response to committed forward volumes.
  • A standardised range of motor vehicles will be available under the scheme.
  • Savings can be achieved through an aggregated forward order RFQ process.