Motor Vehicles Scheme

  • Mandatory
Date: 1 Apr 2018 - 31 Mar 2023
Updated: 11 Apr 2018
Managed: NSW Procurement Contact owner
Type: Whole of government
Scheme Number: SCM0653
The scheme covers the supply of motor vehicles and the aggregated buy process for passenger, SUV, light commercial vehicles and heavy commercial vehicles.

The scheme was established for a 5-year period, with an annual refresh to include new suppliers and new motor vehicle models.

Key benefits

  • A straightforward request for proposal (RFP) intake removes lengthy and expensive tender processes.
  • Suppliers agree to simplified scheme conditions before becoming an approved provider, reducing red tape and making the process simpler.
  • Dynamic pricing enables suppliers to amend their discounts at any time, without going below their originally tendered discount.
  • Increased opportunity to present solutions to NSW Government through 6-monthly assessments of supplier RFQs in response to committed forward volumes.
  • A standardised range of motor vehicles will be available under the scheme.
  • Savings can be achieved through an aggregated forward order RFQ process.

Approved suppliers

The following suppliers have been approved to provide a specified range of motor vehicles under the scheme.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA Australia)

Anna Glenn
03 8698 0294 or 0439 752 748

Ford Motor Company of Australia

Mike Maher
Corporate Account Manager
0401 717 371 or 03 8559 4719

Fuso Truck and Bus (Daimler Truck and Bus)

Brett Arandale
Senior Manager, Fleet Sales
02 8763 8724 or 0400 497 699

Carl Borden
Government Fleet Sales Manager
0416 123 228 or 02 8763 8722

Hino Trucks Australia

Tom Ayrton
02 9914 6600


Matthew Morrison
National Manager-Leasing, Government and Rental Sales
0447 199 172


Iaen Paul
02 8873 6077 or 0400 454 682

Isuzu Trucks Australia

Greg Moses
0418 405 548

Isuzu Ute Australia

Wayne Pelgrave
0400 308 026

Iveco Trucks Australia

Steve Heanes
03 9238 2200 or 0418 780 246

Kia Motors Australia

Chris Forbes
0417 275 794

Trent Kontopoulos
02 9701 1788

LDV Automotive Australia (Ateco Automotive)

Joseph Ponzo
02 8577 8027

MG Motor Australia (SAIC Motor Australia)

Anthony Nadwie
02 8397 9600 or 0415 937 723

Mercedes-Benz Australia Pacific

Joanne Marie
Fleet Sales Co-ordinator
0435 965 425

Mitsubishi Motors Australia

Heath Clifford
State Fleet Sales Manager
0439 992 256

Nissan Motor Co (Australia)

Mal Gairns
0448 374 723

Renault Australia (Vehicle Distributor's Australia)

Philippe Mady
0419 042 787

Skoda Australia (Volkswagen Group Australia)

Lance McGlone
National Fleet Manager
0437 213 288 or 02 9695 6033

Subaru (Australia)

Michael Campelj
Regional Fleet and Corporate Sales Manager
03 8698 3455 or 0401 694 871

Suzuki (Australia)

Patrick Bourke
Business Development Manager
0437 116 066 or 02 8758 8609

Tesla Motors Australia Pty Ltd

James Middleton
Regional Enterprise Sales Manager
0413 464 417

Toyota Motor Corporation Australia

Adrian Ho
Government Fleet Sales Manager
0438 363 462

UD Trucks and Mack Trucks (Volvo Group Australia)

Lauren Downs
Vice President UD Trucks
0459 882 941

Volkswagen Group Australia

Rocco Rinaldo
Corporate Business Manager NSW/ACT
0419 106 166

Volvo Car Australia Pty Ltd

Jodi Elton
Manager, Corporate and Fleet Sales
0407 276 888 or 02 9020 1601

Approved vehicles

Buyers should refer to the approved vehicle lists (AVL) which may be acquired from this scheme:

Guidelines regarding model choice are in the Motor Vehicle Operational Guidelines.


Pricing information is available on Supplier Price Guide. If you have access you can log in at

To view pricing information,you will need login access. Eligible buyers can request access via the NSW Procurement Service Centre on

Buying via fleet management providers

A critical requirement under the scheme is for clients of fleet management providers to participate in a request for quotation (RFQ) process every 6 months.

The RFQ process includes the following steps:

  1. Clients of fleet management providers commit to forward purchase volumes, which are then aggregated with the requirements of other NSW Government customers.
  2. Based on the aggregated volume of vehicles from all fleet management providers' clients, NSW Procurement will conduct the RFQ process, inviting the participation of approved providers under the scheme.
  3. Fleet management providers place orders on behalf of clients during the RFQ period.
  4. Fleet management providers distribute to agencies any savings achieved based on the motor vehicle purchases they have made during the RFQ period.

Buying outside of fleet management providers

For purchases completed outside of fleet management providers, eligible customers can place orders for vehicles available under the scheme directly with approved suppliers.