Land and Asset Valuation Scheme

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Date: 18 Nov 2019 - 18 Nov 2022
Updated: 26 Aug 2020
Managed: Property NSW Contact owner
Type: Whole of government
Scheme Number: SCM7671
The scheme provides a pool of prequalified valuers who can undertake land and asset valuation services for NSW Government agencies, state owned corporations and Local Government entities.

Range of services

Service providers can nominate to be available for property category types and regions that match their area of expertise and presence, providing opportunities for small to medium-sized businesses, particularly in regional areas, to qualify for the scheme.

Valuation types include both general and specialist, for statutory, land, asset, financial and infrastructure valuations; and are grouped into four main categories (all include subcategories):

  • Land Value Advisory and Objection Review Services
  • Compensation Recommendation of Determination (for the Valuer General)
  • Real Property and Asset Valuation Advisory Services
  • Acquisition Valuation Services (acquiring authority).

Statutory valuations are calculated according to:

Financial valuations are carried out according to the policy and guideline paper TPP14-01 - Valuation of Physical Non-Current Assets at Fair Value.

Tools and templates

Key benefits

Benefits for buyers

The scheme provides simple access for government agencies, delivering significant time and cost savings in procuring fit-for-purpose valuation services and a streamlined quoting process.

Benefits for suppliers

  • An online application removes lengthy and expensive tender processes.
  • Suppliers can be added regularly, giving agencies continual access to new suppliers.

Streamlined categories enable suppliers to align their offerings and increase their chances to provide services to government, making it easier for more valuers, including regional, small to medium enterprises (SMEs) to prequalify to tender for government work.


Service providers are required to maintain policies of insurance for Public Liability and Workers' Compensation where required by law.

Professional Indemnity Insurance may be required for some engagements.

The level of insurance coverage that is required will be provided in the category standard specifications scheme documents or as determined by the Engaging Agencies at the time the Service Provider is engaged.

Performance evaluation

Where the performance of, and/or the services provided by a service provider are considered by the agency to be unsatisfactory, the project manager will complete and submit a performance report to at the conclusion or termination of an engagement. A copy will also be sent to the service provider.

Download Performance report template PDF, 129.67 KB

How to apply

The scheme is currently open for applications. Applications must be submitted through eTendering.

Applicants can expect to be notified of an outcome within six weeks of their submission.

Updating supplier information

Service providers are encouraged to optimise supply opportunities across government agencies by ensuring their registered details (including company profile, key personnel and scheme contact details) are current.

Applicants can apply for additional capabilities relating to property types, regions, sale values and complexities as their experience grows.

Managing scheme requests

Suppliers on the scheme may receive a request for services (RFx) from potential buyers via:

  • eQuote
  • agency-specific ICT systems that meet procurement requirements
  • email.

Buyers will evaluate the responses they receive from selected vendors and notify suppliers accordingly.

eQuote training is available for suppliers in responding to requests for quotation.