How to buy

Updated: 25 Jun 2020

Tools and templates

Buying on eQuote

You may use eQuote to request quotes from prequalified suppliers.

Buying on is a new platform that is simplifying procurement in NSW. Currently, you can only buy cloud products and services through To buy through this platform simply:

  1. register as a buyer
  2. browse for suitable cloud products and services
  3. click the 'buy' button on the product page

Once you click 'buy' you will be contacted by a team member to help you in creating the contract.

Buying ICT consulting

NSW Government has adopted an ICT standard commercial framework which applies to ICT consulting only.

The framework includes standard resource types, capped resource rates, capped expenses and a discount structure.

For ICT consulting engagements up to $250,000 ex GST, buyer agencies can conduct direct negotiations and engage suppliers who accept the ICT consulting commercial framework directly, without having to get 3 quotes from the market.

See ICT commercial framework summary PDF, 534.63 KB for more details.

The ICT consulting services process diagram PDF, 209.3 KB summarises the sourcing process.

Tools and templates for buying ICT consulting

Plan stage

  1. Project brief template DOCX, 146.38 KB
  2. Procurement strategy template DOCX, 931.96 KB

Source stage

  1. Request for quotation - part A – specification DOCX, 969.75 KB
  2. Request for quotation - part B – response XLSM, 2937.6 KB
  3. Statement of works template DOCX, 141.85 KB
  4. Supplier engagement compliance checklist for standard commercial framework - recommended XLSM, 2974.91 KB
  5. Commercial comparison tool XLSM, 231.28 KB
  6. Negotiation pack PPTX, 598.11 KB

Manage stage

  1. Performance report template DOCX, 46.37 KB

Buying telecommunication

Please visit the Operation Telecommunications Equipment, Infrastructure and Services scheme to find out more about telecommunication procurement arrangements.

FAQs for buyers

Who is a buyer under the ICT Services Scheme?

Under the ICT Services Scheme, buyers are NSW government agencies and eligible non-government bodies (such as universities or NGOs). As per NSW Procurement Board Direction 2019-04,  NSW Government agencies must use this scheme.

What policies are there that I must abide by?

The NSW Procurement Board can issue policies and directions relating to the ICT Services Scheme. These are only mandatory for NSW Government agencies. Some of the policies that buyers must adhere to include:

Where can I find information and resources about the ICT Services Scheme?

Resources available online include:

Where can I find the contracts and documents needed to buy from the scheme?

The contracts and other documents you and your prospective suppliers need to undergo procurement for ICT goods and services under the ICT Services Scheme are:

How do I find out which suppliers are on the ICT Services Scheme?

Download the list of prequalified suppliers XLSX, 1730.68 KB

What are the requirements to select suppliers on the ICT Services Scheme?

Unless otherwise specified, the ICT Services Scheme adopts the use of Procurement Board Direction 2019-04 for their procurement arrangements.

When undertaking ICT procurement under the ICT Services Scheme, agencies must follow the provisions in that direction.

This does not affect any other mandated procurement policies including for instance, conducting a risk assessment, internal approval processes, agency delegations manual etc.

How do I choose between suppliers on the ICT Services Scheme?

The selection of suppliers will depend on the value of the contract. The recommended way is to conduct a Request for Quotation (RFQ) using the eQuote system.

Does my agency have to use the ICT Services Scheme?

Yes. According to NSW Procurement Board Direction 2019-04 government agencies (within the meaning of the Public Works and Procurement Act 1912) must use whole-of-government contracts for obtaining the goods or services where a contract applies. The ICT Services Scheme is a whole-of-government arrangement that is used for the procurement of ICT solutions.

What if the supplier I want to use is not on the ICT Services Scheme?

To ensure you can comply with the NSW Procurement Board Direction 2019-04, you should encourage the supplier(s) to apply to the ICT Services Scheme online at eTendering.

How do I conduct request for quotes (RFQs) under the scheme?

Buyers can conduct RFQs using eQuote, through which agencies can issue RFQs to registered suppliers. Using eQuote, you can issue, manage and award RFQs online from suppliers registered on prequalification schemes and panel arrangements.

You can organise access to eQuote by contacting your agency’s eTendering administrator or NSW Procurement at

How are suppliers accepted on the scheme?

Different criteria applies to suppliers depending on whether they have applied for the Registered Supplier List or for the Advanced Registered Supplier List.

Details of the supplier acceptance criteria for both supplier listings are provided in the handbook for buyers PPTX, 11144.06 KB.

Can a supplier be on both the Registered Supplier List and the Advanced Registered Supplier list?

Yes. Suppliers can apply for either or both supplier listings.

How do I know if my ICT service requirements are high risk?

A risk assessment tool is available in the Risk Assessment Toolkit DOCX, 319.4 KB. You can also consult your internal procurement team.

What terms and conditions have suppliers agreed to in order to be an approved supplier on the scheme?

All suppliers have agreed to a set of ICT Services Scheme rules DOCX, 54.12 KB

Does Procure IT Part 1: Head Agreement apply to engagements with Advanced Registered Suppliers?

No. Part 1: Head Agreement of Procure IT v3.2 is not applicable to the ICT Services Scheme because the scheme is not a panel arrangement.

To enter into a customer contract, Advanced Registered Suppliers and customers are required to execute Part 2: Customer Contract of Procure IT v3.2, the General Order Form and any applicable schedules and Modules.

Do I need to fill in Item 7 of Procure IT v3.2 General Order Form?

No. Item 7 of the General Order Form should be left blank because it only applies to panel arrangements with a head agreement.

Item 11 of the General Order Form has been revised to allow you to specify that the customer contract (the order) is placed under the ICT Services Scheme.

If I intend to place multiple orders with a supplier on the Advanced Registered Supplier List, does Procure IT v3.2 Part 2: Customer Contract need to be executed for each order, even if the multiple orders are with the same supplier?

No.  For multiple orders with the same supplier, execute Part 2: Customer Contract once. However, it is important that both parties execute a separate General Order Form and applicable schedules and Modules for each and every order, regardless of whether it is with the same supplier.

What are the arrangements for acquiring hardware?

In accordance with NSW Procurement Board Direction 2019-04 the use of Contract 999 ICT End User Devices and Services and Contract 2390 Imaging Devices are mandatory for NSW government agencies obtaining the goods or services to which those contracts apply.

Devices and services that are available through these whole of government contracts are excluded from the ICT Services Scheme. Buyers are unable to enter into contracts for the aforementioned devices and services under the ICT Services Scheme.

What is the GSS and why is it excluded from supply through the scheme?

The GSS is the Government Standard Specification. It describes a range of standard office type End User Devices and Services of the type purchased in high volumes by NSW Government.

A list of End User Devices and Services can be found in Contract 999 ICT End User Devices and Services. The models and prices for the GSS have been negotiated with the suppliers on Contract 999 ICT End User Devices and Services. NSW Government agencies must use that whole-of-government Contract 999 ICT End User Devices and Services when procuring specified End User Devices and Services as per NSW Procurement Board Direction 2019-04.

Is disposal of hardware included in the scope of the scheme?

No. Disposal of hardware and other end user services (such as asset tagging, pre-delivery configuration, pre-delivery imaging, basic installation, extended installation, sanitisation services and decommission services) are available through Contract 999 ICT End User Devices and Services.

Is there any crossover or duplication between the ICT Services Scheme and Contract 2390 Imaging Devices?

No. All imaging devices must be purchased through Contract 2390 Imaging Devices unless provided “as a service” and owned by the service provider.  The whole-of-government Contract 2390 Imaging Devices is mandatory for short term rentals and purchase of hardware devices including MFD, as is consistent with NSW Procurement Board Direction 2019-04.

What software cannot be purchased through the ICT Services Scheme?

Software available through whole-of-government contracts must be acquired by those agreements, not via the ICT Services Scheme.

Whole-of-government contracts include:

Am I allowed to procure software from an authorised reseller or distributor of software licences?

Yes. Licensed software, subscription and support services from authorised resellers and distributors are covered by Category M09: Software Resellers and Software Asset Management Services.

How is the supply of software under Category N different to supplying software under the other categories?

Category N is for the acquisition of perpetual software licences and related support. Software as a service and other ICT and software-related services are covered by other categories.