How to supply

Date: 18 Dec 2019 - 20 Jan 2021
Updated: 20 Jan 2021
Type: Whole of government

How to apply

Suppliers can apply for prequalification under the scheme. The scheme offers a framework for prequalification of organisations with the capability to provide services to NSW Government agencies and statutory corporations.

View the scheme conditions PDF, 253.97 KB

View the strategy application form PDF, 167.59 KB and design application form PDF, 165.4 KB, word versions of these forms are available on eTendering.

The scheme is currently open and suppliers may only submit applications through the eTendering website.

Applications are assessed quarterly.

How to update supplier information

Updates can be made on eTendering.

To ensure that all service providers maximise their supply opportunities across government agencies, current suppliers are encouraged to check and, if required, update their registered details, including: number of employees, contact person, company profile and insurance expiry dates.

How to manage scheme requests

Suppliers on the scheme may receive a request for services (RFx) from potential buyers through the eQuote system.

Suppliers will be able to view requests, send intent to respond, respond to a request, ask questions, withdraw a response or decline an invitation online. Buyers will evaluate the responses they receive from selected vendors and notify suppliers accordingly.

eQuote training is available for suppliers in responding to requests for quotation.

Performance evaluation

The feedback of agencies and service providers is sought on the use of the scheme.

Feedback may be provided at any time as well as following each engagement. Download the feedback form for service providers PDF, 160.75 KB.

FAQs for suppliers

Who can I contact for further information?

Please send your queries to

Buyers may also use this email address to request support on procurement planning.

For assistance navigating the online portal or making changes to an online profile then please email

How does the scheme relate to Better Placed: An integrated design policy for the Built Environment of New South Wales?

The Government Architect’s Strategy and Design Prequalification Scheme is focused on the delivery of strategic advice, design quality and innovation in the built environment.

The scheme offers a pool of prequalified service providers to assist NSW Government agencies and statutory corporations in engaging external expertise.

Design Capabilities are evaluated in alignment with the seven objectives of Better Placed and the Evaluating Good Design advisory tool.

Can local government authorities use the scheme?

Yes, the scheme is available for any government agency to utilise which includes local government authorities.

How does the scheme align with NSW procurement-related policies?

The Government Architect’s Strategy and Design Prequalification Scheme has been developed to align with NSW Government policy.

This includes supporting diversity of suppliers, streamlining procurement processes and connecting quality suppliers with government projects.

Relevant policies include:

If I am already prequalified under other NSW Government schemes am I automatically eligible for this scheme?

No. You will need to submit an application addressing the requirements of this Scheme.

What capabilities should my firm apply for?

Please refer to the Description of Scheme Categories and Capabilities available on the scheme portal. This document outlines the key skills and capabilities expected for each category.

Can I register for more than one category with one application?

Yes, you can nominate for multiple categories within one application providing you can meet the evaluation criteria for each category.

Can I use the same project example to apply for more than one capability?

Yes, if the project example is representative of multiple capabilities then it can be used more than once. If a project example is used multiple times then applicants are recommended to modify the project description to suit each capability applied for.

Since applicants are encouraged to show diverse experience, it can also be useful to select distinct project examples for each capability applied for.

What kind of examples should I include in my application?

Refer to the scheme conditions and application forms for more information on the application process.

Applicants are encouraged to choose examples that show diverse experience.

When selecting project examples, firms should consider some examples to reflect ability to work in a government context, such as challenging sites, multiple stakeholders, large scale or overall complexity.

All projects included should be completed (with the exception of the Emerging Practice capability).

Can I use projects completed whilst I was an employee as part of my application?

Projects completed whilst an employee with another practice are accepted in the Emerging Practices capability area only. In this instance, we recommend that you clarify your role in delivery of the project in the relevant project description section.

For all other capabilities, please include projects completed by the firm applying.

Can I use one client reference across multiple capabilities?

Separate client references should be included for each capability applied for.

Applicants are recommended to provide a client reference that relates to each project example.

Can I use references for projects completed whilst I was an employee as part of my application?

No, references must be from the applicant firm’s client base.

The exception to this is the Emerging Practice capability where client reference may be from a previous role.

Can I use existing client referees for my application?

Yes. If you have existing client referees that meet the criteria, and they are relevant to the category you are applying for, you may use the scheme template as a cover page for your existing client referees.

It is preferred that the client referees relate to the project examples.

I practice Interior Architecture or Heritage Architecture. Am I eligible to apply?

Yes, however you must meet the requirements described within the Architecture capability located on the scheme website under: About this Scheme / Products and Services / Description of Categories and Capabilities.

Your practice must employ at least one registered architect and have a nominated architect recognised by the NSW Architects Registration Board to be eligible.

I want to apply for a new capability, do I need to create a new profile?

No, you should log into your existing profile and apply for another capability using the same profile and login.

My firm has been on the scheme for a number of years, do I need to update my profile?

Yes, you can update your firm’s profile information at any time.

You don’t need to update the project experience or referee report, as this is for the evaluation process only.

Please note that when you update your profile, it is better not to apply for new capabilities at the same time as this slows down the internal processing of your profile updates.

Can I change my ABN, or do I need to make a new application?

If your business structure has changed then your business is considered new and you will need to reapply for the scheme.

How long will it take for the review of my application?

The scheme is always open for applications and reviews are conducted on a demand basis. As a minimum, reviews will take place twice a year.

My firm is listed in the emerging category but is now older than 7 years. Will we be automatically transitioned into other capabilities?

No. You are no longer eligible for the Emerging Practice capability and will need to apply for other capabilities to remain on the scheme.

Is the Emerging Practice capability for both the Design and Strategy category?

No, the emerging capability is specifically targeting emerging designers.

While it is not subject matter specific, we encourage architects, landscape architects, urban designers and other creative industries that have been established within the last seven years to apply.

Am I guaranteed work from the scheme?

No, the prequalification scheme is a tool for government buyers to streamline procurement.

Work from the scheme is not guaranteed. It is recommended that firms undertake their own business development activities to engage with government agencies.

My firm has offices in multiples cities or with different development teams. Can I create multiple profiles for different capabilities?

No, while the portal does allow for multiple applications, it is recommended that firms use one lead profile for all capabilities.

In this instance, the log in details should relate to your tender or administration email accounts, rather than to an individual email.

I’ve never done work for government before can I apply?

Yes, the scheme is open to suppliers who have not done government work before, however project examples should represent an ability to do work in a complex government context.