Updated: 27 Apr 2020

Contractors may apply to become a Registered Contractor for works valued up to $250,000 and/or a Certified Contractor for work valued between $250,000 and $1 million. Two separate applications will be required.

Contractors previously qualified to undertake work above or below $150,000, who satisfy the requirements of the reformed scheme, were automatically transitioned to this scheme at the higher contract financial range.

The application process collects data to assist in increasing opportunities for Aboriginal-owned businesses, small to medium enterprises and local businesses in regional areas.

Data will also be used to assess the current capacity and capability of all applicants, and a contractor’s willingness to expand their business into other regions if suitable opportunities are offered.

Range of services

There are several work categories related to general construction, building services and trades to select from. Some of these categories will require the contractor to hold necessary licenses.


Financial checks and insurances are not required at time of application, however proof of appropriate financial capacity and insurance cover must be provided before an agency can award work to the contractor.

Key benefits

The scheme provides a single online, low-cost approach to prequalification for businesses undertaking work in these categories.

It has been updated to reflect the NSW Government’s Action Plan: A ten-point commitment to the construction sector.