How to supply

Updated: 1 Oct 2020

How to apply

Contractors can apply to become a registered contractor to be eligible for work valued up to $250,000 and/or a certified contractor to be eligible for work valued between $250,000 and $1 million. Two separate applications are required.

Applications for prequalification for construction work valued up to $1 million are made online on eTendering.

Download the applicant guidelines PDF, 449.63 KB for more information.

The application process collects data to assist in increasing opportunities for Aboriginal-owned businesses, small to medium enterprises and local businesses in regional areas. Data will also be used to assess the current capacity and capability of all applicants and a contractor’s willingness to expand their business into other regions if suitable opportunities are offered.

How to update your details

As part of the reform of the scheme, existing suppliers should update their details PDF, 1701.2 KB to align with new requirements.

This process also allows an existing applicant to resubmit their application to have more work categories and capabilities added to their profile.

Go to the View/Modify Application tab on eTendering. Here you can edit your company profile and office details, edit an already approved application, or apply for new work categories and capabilities.

How to manage scheme requests

Contractors are required to provide information through the online lodgement process to enable the Department to assess the application.