Financial Assessment Services Scheme

  • Mandatory
Updated: 21 Sep 2017
19 Mar 2013 - 18 Mar 2021
Scheme Number:
Whole of government
NSW Procurement
The scheme has a panel of prequalified suppliers of financial assessments required at different stages of procurement.

The scheme covers the financial assessments required at the following stages of procurement:

  • prequalification
  • tendering
  • monitoring.

The scheme offers 3 types of financial assessment reports:

  • basic
  • medium
  • comprehensive.

Applications may be submitted for one or multiple levels of financial assessment.

Agencies are responsible for determining the appropriate level of financial assessment required, which will be based on the scale, scope and relative risk of a proposed project.

Download the list of pre-qualified service providers PDF, 59.5 KB for financial assessments.

View the scheme guidelines for agencies DOCX, 401.34 KB.

Please note that this scheme is currently not available on eTendering. Online ordering is the preferred method of requesting financial assessments from some suppliers.

Download the order form DOCX, 61.49 KB.

How to access the Central Repository

NSW Procurement maintains a central repository of financial assessment reports.

It allows agencies to share assessment reports. Agencies can search the Central Repository to find if a financial assessment report has already been commissioned and request a copy.

This helps manage risks to government associated with changes in the financial position of a company contracted to undertake construction work.

Tools, templates and resources

How to apply

This scheme is currently not available in NSW eTendering.

Guidelines and conditions

Report templates