Employment Related Medical Services Scheme

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Date: 17 Oct 2016 - 17 Oct 2021
Updated: 20 Jan 2021
Managed: Public Service Commission Contact owner
Type: Whole of government
Scheme Number: SCM2231
The scheme offers a panel of service providers of employment related medical assessments and other medical services.

Range of services

Tier 1: employment related medical assessment services (core)

  • medical assessments
  • administrative support to the review panel
  • medical certificate validation
  • pre-employment and periodic health assessments.

Tier 2: other employment related medical services (optional)

  • functional capacity assessment and advice services
  • vaccinations
  • drug and alcohol testing
  • employee health and wellbeing programs.

Tools and templates

Key benefits

The scheme offers applicants and service providers the opportunity to:

  • work with some of the nation’s largest employers in locations across NSW
  • streamline and align medical service categories with the needs of government employers
  • reduce red tape and cost in doing business with government
  • be exempt from management fees previously applicable to service providers
  • directly negotiate the provision of enhanced services and other medical services at competitive rates with government agencies
  • more easily liaise with government agencies through eQuote
  • provide services to government across all regions of NSW
  • be invited to submit a quote to government agencies regardless of the size of the business.

This scheme maximises efficiency, flexibility and value for money for agencies as service providers have:

  • demonstrated capability to meet sector requirements for employment related health assessments
  • been identified as capable of providing a wide choice of service offerings, eg specific clinical expertise and/or regional coverage
  • undertaken to meet high quality service and service delivery levels
  • demonstrated the ability to provide scheme services at competitive rates and undertaken to negotiate enhanced services and/or other medical services at competitive rates
  • been assessed and meet NSW Government procurement and probity requirements.

Who must use the scheme

Public service agencies (as listed in Schedule 1 to the Government Sector Employment Act 2013) must use the prequalification scheme for fitness for duty assessments of employees with non-work related injuries and health conditions, and for file reviews of medical assessments arising from the referrals.

Non-public service agencies have the option of using providers on the scheme or other providers.

How to use the scheme

Agencies may select the providers that best meet their needs as providers have been prequalified and there are no contract financial thresholds or minimum levels of competition.

To use the scheme agencies should:

  1. Identify the type of service/s sought and the scope of work
    • guide for agencies
    • scheme conditions  sets out terms and conditions of the scheme
    • schedule 2: service requirements describe the services and processes in detail.
  2. Select the provider that best meets your agency’s needs based on their capability and experience, performance record and price competitiveness.
    • list of providers and services
    • request a summary of provider fees or request quotes from your selected providers with eQuote.
  3. Engage the provider
    • agency referral which should be used on each occasion incorporates all parts, terms and conditions identified in clause 2 of the Standard Form of Agreement.
    • Standard Form of Agreement, also known as an Agency Agreement, enables agencies to enter into an ongoing arrangement or bulk supply of services with a provider. Specific agency requirements should be set out in Schedule 1: Agreement Details of the agreement.
    • Provider Key Performance Indicators sets out service standards which service providers have undertaken to meet.
  4. Report any performance issues to the scheme manager at enquiries@psc.nsw.gov.au

More information

The guide for agencies PDF, 344.09 KB provides further information about the scheme and its use.

How to apply

Applications open once a year on eTendering.

The following are eligible to apply for prequalification for the scheme:

  • a registered (public or proprietary limited) Australian company
  • a foreign (overseas) company registered in Australia
  • Individuals trading as a partnership

The following are not eligible to apply:

  • sole traders
  • a group of companies and/or consortia that is not, of itself, a legal entity
  • trusts.

Before applying, read the guide for applicants. PDF, 119.95 KB

How to update your details

Updates can be made by logging in to eTendering.

Service providers are encouraged to optimise supply opportunities across government agencies by ensuring their organisational profile and service details on eTendering are up to date.

This includes current certificates of insurance, fee schedules and contact details.