Updated: 27 Apr 2020


The NSW Government announced on 17 March 2020 a $2.3 billion health boost and stimulus package in response to COVID-19 that will support jobs, healthcare, small business and the community.

As part of the stimulus package the Government has further committed $250 million to support the employment of extra cleaners of public infrastructure.

In addition to scaling up cleaning services supplied by current cleaning supply arrangements including the whole-of-government Cleaning Services Contract, we are seeking capable cleaning companies to supply the increased demand for cleaning services arising from the COVID-19 crisis.

Range of services

The scheme covers services relating to cleaning of assets, including the following work categories:

General cleaning

  • A1 - Routine cleaning
  • A2 - Periodical carpet cleaning
  • A3 - Emergency cleaning (24-hour call out)
  • A4 - External window cleaning (from the ground)
  • A5 - Graffiti removal
  • A6 - Enhanced cleaning

Environment cleaning

  • B1- Environmental cleaning

Cleaning auditing services

  • C1 - Third-party auditing services