Emergency Cleaning Stimulus Scheme

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Updated: 25 Aug 2020
15 Apr 2020 - 31 Dec 2020
Scheme Number:
Whole of government
NSW Procurement
Services relating to cleaning of public infrastructure. The scheme is complementary to the Cleaning Services Contract to help meet increased demand arising from the COVID-19 crisis, and support jobs.

Range of services

The scheme covers services relating to cleaning of assets, including the following work categories:

General cleaning

  • A1 routine cleaning
  • A2 periodical carpet cleaning
  • A3 emergency cleaning (24-hour call out)
  • A4 external window cleaning (from the ground)
  • A5 graffiti removal
  • A6 enhanced cleaning

Environment cleaning

  • B1 environmental cleaning

Cleaning auditing services

  • C1 third-party auditing services


View New Emergency Cleaning Stimulus Scheme to support employment opportunities for cleaners.

Buyers may use eQuote to engage with service providers on the scheme, from obtaining quotations through to managing the award of contract.

The service provider must be prequalified under the scheme before the date of issue of the request for tender (RFQ) or a customer order. Only then can the buyer engage the service provider under this scheme.

All terms and conditions of the scheme are provided in scheme conditions DOCX, 238.45 KB.

Download the buyer guidelines DOCX, 261.28 KB for more information.

Applications to the scheme have now closed.