Date: 1 May 2014 - 30 Apr 2020
Updated: 15 Dec 2020
Type: Whole of government

What's covered in this scheme and procurement list 

This scheme and procurement list cover general construction works valued above $1 million (ex. GST).

General construction works include:

  • Building works: multi-trade building works for new buildings and additions to existing buildings, including specialisations in heritage and modular building.
  • Fitout and refurbishment: this includes all fitout and refurbishment work, including final preparation of internal areas for occupation by the client in new and existing buildings.
  • Civil works: civil engineering works including excavation and bulk earthworks, minor roads and related works, water and wastewater infrastructure, and drainage works

The scheme and procurement list service these contract systems:

  • construction (C)
  • design and construct (DC)
  • managing contractor (MC).
What's not covered

What you need to know

  • General construction works have different requirements depending on whether they're above or below the $9 million ($9m) threshold established by PBD 2019-05 enforceable procurement provisions direction.
  • Suppliers need to meet legal, commercial, technical and financial standards to deliver construction and related works to NSW government agencies, state-owned corporations, public institutions (such as universities) and NSW local government councils. This relates to suppliers regardless of the threshold established by PBD 2019-05.

General construction works valued at $9m and over

  • General construction works valued at $9 million and over (ex. GST) are subject to enforceable procurement provisions outlined in PBD 2019-05.
  • For these works, a procurement list (PL) of eligible suppliers has been established.
  • The NSW Government invites domestic and international suppliers to apply for inclusion on the procurement list.
  • Only suppliers included on the procurement list may receive invitations from NSW Government agencies to make submissions for procurement of general construction works valued at $9 million and over (ex GST).
  • NSW Government agencies may invite all suppliers on the procurement list, or may invite only a limited number of suppliers, depending on their needs and resourcing.
  • NSW Government agencies may also seek to conduct negotiations directly with suppliers on the procurement list. This may include post-tender negotiations with the preferred tenderer.
  • Before completing an application for the procurement list (general construction works valued above $9 million), refer to the procurement list conditions.

General construction works valued between $1m and $9m

  • General construction works valued between $1 million and $9 million ($1m-9m ex. GST) are not subject to enforceable procurement provisions.
  • A larger list of suppliers is available for these works under the prequalification scheme (PQ).
  • Before completing an application for the scheme (general construction works valued between $1 million and $9 million), refer to the scheme conditions.