Date: 1 May 2014 - 30 Apr 2020
Updated: 20 Jan 2021
Managed: NSWP
Type: Whole of government

Categories for heritage consultancy

  • B01  Stone Façade Restoration
  • B02  Heritage Building Conservation (Interiors and Exteriors)
  • B03  Adaptation and Adaptive Re-use of Heritage Buildings and Sites
  • B04  Assessment and Compliance Activities
  • B05  Heritage Impact Statements (HIS)
  • B06  Heritage Significance Assessment and Recommendations for Listing
  • B07  Section 60, Heritage Act 1977 (NSW) Applications
  • B08  Section 170 , Heritage Act 1977 (NSW) – Heritage and Conservation Register
  • B09  Section 57, Heritage Act (NSW) Exemptions Notification
  • B10  Non-Compliance reporting and resolution of works to heritage places
  • C01  Structural - Earthquake and other Stabilisation of Heritage Structures
  • C02  Structural - Adaptation and Adaptive Re-use of Heritage Buildings and Sites
  • C03  Structural - Restoration of Existing Structural Elements of Heritage Structures
  • C04  Engineering - Assessing and Mitigating Fire Damage
  • C05  Engineering - Protective Measures for Heritage Buildings and Places
  • C06  Engineering - Fire Rating / Compartmentation / Fire Engineered Solutions
  • C07  Engineering - Subsidence Rectification
  • C08  Engineering - Industrial Heritage Structures and Public Infrastructure Conservation
  • D01  Traditional Gardens, Parks and Landscapes Conservation
  • D02  Botanical Assessments
  • E01  Finishes (Paint)
  • E02  Finishes (Plaster)
  • E03  Finishes (Wall Coverings)
  • E04  Finishes (Floor Surfaces, Finishes and Coverings)
  • E05  Furniture and Equipment
  • E06  Fabrics
  • E07  Fittings (Joinery)
  • E08  Fittings (Lighting)
  • F01  Excavation Director Archaeology (Maritime)
  • F02  Excavation Director Archaeology (Historical)
  • F03  Excavation Director Archaeology (Indigenous)
  • F04  Excavation Director Archaeology Section 140, Heritage Act 1977(NSW) Approvals
  • G01  Archaeologist (Maritime)
  • G02  Archaeologist (Historical)
  • G03  Archaeologist (Indigenous)
  • G04  Archaeologist Section 140, Heritage Act 1977(NSW) Approvals
  • H01  Interpretation Strategies for Buildings, Sites and Places
  • H02  Interpretation Plans and Implementation
  • H03  Presentation Methods, Media, communications and Content for Interpretation of Heritage Places
  • I01   Social History
  • I02   Oral History
  • I03   Architectural History
  • J01  Material Conservator - Objects and Monuments
  • J02  Material Conservator - Built Heritage and Interiors
  • J03  Material Conservator - Industrial Heritage
  • J04  Material Conservator - Moveable Heritage
  • K01  Material Testing - Stone
  • K02  Material Testing - Mortar
  • K03  Material Testing - Timber
  • K04  Material Testing - Finishes
  • K05  Material Testing - Cleaning / Paint Removal
  • L01  Other - please identify any other special consultancy skills you may have which do not fit within the categories mentioned above but may be of value to the conservation of our cultural heritage. This will be considered in any assessment process as to whether a separate category of prequalification will be created or not (eg. archival recording of buildings, cemetery history and studies, stained glass and lead light assessments, church architecture, WL Vernon's architecture etc).

Key benefits

The benefits of the scheme are:

  • create NSW regional jobs and support specialist heritage trades
  • create a pool of experienced, expert heritage consultant services
  • create opportunities for the private sector to participate in conserving the state’s built heritage assets, some dating back more than 200 years
  • create an efficient means of linking suppliers to Public Works Advisory (PWA) regional and rural offices and to the PWA Heritage Asset Advisory team
  • the pool of prequalified suppliers will provide external expertise in the delivery of high quality results in built heritage conservation consultancy.


Insurances are not required at time of application. Applicants need to provide proof of insurance at time of commissioning for work:

  • public liability insurance
  • professional indemnity insurance.