Advertising and Digital Communications Services Scheme

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Date: 1 May 2014 - 30 Apr 2022
Updated: 13 Dec 2019
Managed: Department of Customer Service Contact owner
Type: Whole of government
Scheme Number: SCM2701
The scheme lists prequalified advertising and digital communications service providers and is managed by the Department of Customer Service.

For more information, go to government advertising on the NSW Government website.

Range of services

This scheme offers a range of services across 11 capabilities:

  • market research
  • strategy
  • marketing and campaign services
  • public relations
  • social media
  • Indigenous communications and engagement
  • CALD communications and engagement
  • visual communications
  • written communications
  • digital communications
  • production.

Media planning and media buying services are excluded from this scheme. For more information on these services, go to NSW government advertising.

Key benefits

  • makes it easier for NSW Government departments and agencies to source approved suppliers for a range of marketing communications services
  • gives marketing service providers with relevant and proven expertise the opportunity to deliver work for NSW Government
  • helps aggregate government spending to ensure value for money.

View the list of approved suppliers.

The list of prequalified marketing service providers is made up of small, medium and large businesses.

Please note we will be updating this list as new suppliers are approved for prequalification.

Additional to any guidelines specific to your department, the following procurement rules apply when using a service provider on the scheme:

  • if the cost is up to $150,000 you need 1 quote
  • if the cost is more than $150,000 you will need 3 quotes.

We recommend using a standard form of agreement DOCX, 62.54 KB to formalise your agreement with a scheme service provider.

How to apply

Applications for the Advertising and Digital Communications Services Scheme can be made online on the NSW eTendering website.

Apply for the scheme.

Application how-to guides

For assistance with applying, refer to the how-to guides:

Applications will be assessed according to the following criteria:

  • demonstrated experience, performance and effectiveness of the services covered in this scheme
  • references
  • other criteria – specific to any new category during the life of the scheme.

Please see conditions DOCX, 110.4 KB of the Advertising and Digital Communications Services Scheme.