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Updated: 20 Apr 2020

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Scheme Review Report. Scheme Review Report - Successful Vendors. Green highlights in line with "Economic development, social outcomes and sustainability" objectives of Section 1 of the NSW Gov Procurement Policy Framework. Criteria Summary.

The Procure IT framework v3.1 is used by NSW Government buyers for the acquisition of information and communications technology-related products and services.

This guide describes personal computers for agencies' common use to be purchased in large volumes. Only GSS devices are available on Contract 999 ICT End User Devices and Services.

List of all equipment on the Operational Telecommunications Equipment, Infrastructure and Services Scheme.

COVID-19 reporting template for agencies

Data. Date invoice issued (day/month/ year format). Scheme 0012. Supplier name. Super Agency use drop down list. Agency use drop down list. Hiring Manager. Capability (select from drop-down list). Role Name (type in ). Service (select from drop-down

Overview. All Suppliers. EntityName. ABN. Phone number. Email. Self-declared or registered Aboriginal-owned business. Small, medium or large business. Insurance and estimated rates. Office Postcode. Office suburb. Local Government Area.

Scores. Contract #. Project/Contract Title:. Program:. Last Modified:. 6/19/18 14:26. RFx Evaluation Scoresheet. Non-price scoring. Respondents Names. Criterion. Author: Enter each of the Non-Price Criteria. Maximum score. Weighting. Author: Adjust

Policy;Guidance for law firms on the Legal Services Panel on value add reporting.