Travel financial reconciliation and program management

Updated: 22 Jul 2020
The American Express Business Travel Account (BTA) is the whole-of-government mandated form of payment for business related travel expenses.

The American Express Business Travel Account (BTA) is the whole-of-government mandated form of payment for business related travel expenses. More information is available in Contract 1009 Virtual Travel Card Payment Facility.

American Express (AMEX) provides for efficient and easy payment for air travel, accommodation and car hire. In addition, the contract benefits buyers by providing:

  • pre and post statement data matching to support travel reconciliation
  • online statement and reconciliation tool (BTA Connect).
  • training.

How to set up a new American Express Business Travel Account (BTA)

To establish a new account, please email the AMEX representative listed below with the following completed forms:

Section 1 in the application form should be filled in as per below:

  • American Express Account Manager: John Sater, | senior RELATIONSHIP manager - LARGE MARKET
  • Email:
  • Name of your travel management company (TMC): FCM Travel Solutions
  • Address of your TMC: Level 4, 33 Berry Street, North Sydney, NSW 2060
  • TMC Code: FC60
  • Travel office code: 210

Once you have applied for a BTA you must advise FCM at This will speed up the process and ensure the BTA is linked to the right account.

Following this, both FCM and AMEX will work with your organisation and provide advice in relation to your account set up, including your account structure and completion of required forms.

Once both FCM and AMEX accounts have been established, your organisation will be notified. Organisations should allow approximately two weeks for establishment of new FCM and AMEX accounts.

Online statement and reconciliation - BTA Connect

AMEX provides the NSW Government with access to BTA Connect, an online statement and reconciliation tool. Please email John Sater at with the completed BTA Connect Application Form PDF, 205.91 KB to open an account.

You can also raise a dispute via BTA Connect. Training can be provided upon request.

Complaints and disputes

If a dispute arises, the first contact for travelers/ bookers is FCM Travel Solutions. Please contact FCM on if you have any finance queries including:

  • American Express statement queries including enhanced data - please include a copy or screen shot of your statement and the area you are querying
  • FCM invoices - should you have access to FCM Portal, invoices are available for all of your travel
  • copies of hotel invoices (including incidental breakdowns)
  • queries on charges.

Where a transaction enquiry cannot be resolved by FCM, please contact AMEX to raise a dispute* via phone/email/fax or via BTA Connect.

American Express government BTA team
T: 1300 787 120
F:  (+612) 9266 3611

A credit for the transaction amount will be processed by AMEX within five working days. AMEX will investigate the charge with the airline/hotel or car hire firm and will revert with the results of the investigation (typically this takes no more than 90 days from dispute being raised). If the charge is incorrect, the credit amount will be reflected permanently, if the charge is correct the amount will be reapplied to the account (please note, if this is the case, AMEX will provide copies of all relevant documentation to validate the charge). NSW Government can dispute transactions up to 90 days post statement date.

*Please note, to raise a dispute the user must be a noted as an “AMEX program administrator”, please contact the AMEX Government Business Travel account team if you have any questions.