Buying and supplying telematics

Updated: 27 Nov 2020
Fleet telematics can help improve safety and efficiency by collecting vehicle usage data and improving driver behaviour.

What is telematics

In-car telematics refers to the technology used to gather vehicle information, including GPS location, activity and driver behaviour.

Telematics make use of data from the vehicle's GPS system, alongside records from the vehicle's own onboard computer.

A device attached to the vehicle collects the data and transmits it via mobile phone or satellite network. The data is then presented via a secure online portal.

Telematics can help improve safety and efficiency

By observing a vehicle's operational records, telematics can offer opportunities to improve driver safety and efficiency. Ultimately, improvements in driver behaviour can lead to reductions in the rate and severity of accidents.

Telematics can be used to support strategic business outcomes, which may include:

  • improved workplace health and safety
  • improved driver behaviour, reducing vehicle accidents and decreasing consumable costs
  • improved asset management by location
  • automated capture of vehicle usage data to replace manual logbook data entry.

Buy telematics via the ICT Services Scheme

NSW Government agencies must use the ICT Services Scheme to procure telematics.

This is mandated by Procurement Board Direction PBD-2020-04. The ICT Services Scheme applies to telematics because it is an ICT solution.

You can use the scheme templates to seek quotes from approved telematics suppliers.

Find approved telematics suppliers

Approved telematics providers are registered on the ICT Services Scheme. For a current list of approved providers please refer to the 'list of suppliers' tab on the ICT Services Scheme page.

Telematics are also available to NSW Government agencies via the fleet management providers on Fleet Management Panel.

Supply telematics via the ICT Services Scheme

New suppliers wanting to participate in agency procurement of telematics solutions can apply to join the ICT Services Scheme at any time.

Once you're approved to supply under the ICT Services Scheme, please advise NSW Procurement by emailing

Who to contact

For enquiries about the ICT Services Scheme, please email

For enquiries about telematics, please email