Procure IT version 3.2

Updated: 22 Jul 2020

NSW Government agencies must use the Procure IT Framework to buy ICT related goods and services. This is mandated by Procurement Board Direction 2020-02.

Procure IT version 3.2 is current and replaced version 3.1 on 1 September 2017.

You can download the contract templates and modules from the list below.

Key changes from version 3.1 to version 3.2

Changes address:

  • issues raised by agencies and industry
  • legislative and NSW Government policy changes
  • minor drafting issues.

Changes to the head agreement, customer contract, dictionary and schedules include revised provisions on:

  • customer data
  • security
  • systems
  • liability (amendments for consistency)
  • escrow
  • audit
  • regulatory compliance (privacy legislation and Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 NSW)
    intellectual property rights (scope of licences and open source software).

The modules have been revised to address minor drafting issues and to rebadge Procure IT v.3.0 Modules 13 and 13A, but otherwise remain unchanged.

As the differences between ProcureIT v3.1 and ProcureIT v3.2 are minimal a new user guide for v3.2 is not issued. Users can read the Procure IT framework user guide 3.1 PDF, 1162.16 KB for guidance on using Procure IT v3.2 documents complemented by the Procure IT v3.2 guidance note DOCX, 1532.26 KB. Please download Procure IT v3.1 comparison table PDF, 343.71 KB and watch our video on the differences between version 3.2 and 3.1 to find out more about the key changes.

Transition to version 3.2

Procure IT version 3.2 replaced version 3.1 on 1 September 2017.

Pre-1 September 2017 contracts

All current contracts executed prior to 1 September 2017 will continue on the same terms until expiry, unless and until the supplier and agency vary the contract to include Procure IT v.3.2 terms and conditions.

If a pre-1 September 2017 contract is extended or “renewed” in accordance with its terms after 1 September 2017, the contract continues on the same Procure IT v.3.1 (or earlier) terms unless the supplier and agency agree in writing otherwise.

Approval from the Department of Customer Service is required to vary a Procure IT v.3.1 (or earlier Procure IT version) contract so as to extend its terms (rather than moving to a Procure IT v.3.2 contract) where there are no remaining options to extend.