Procure IT Framework

Updated: 29 Sep 2020
The contractual requirements for buying ICT goods and services, comprised of Procure IT v3.2 and the Core& contracts.

Procure IT is mandated

The Procure IT Framework is the mandatory contractual framework NSW Government agencies must use when procuring ICT related goods and services.

It is mandated by Procurement Board Direction 2020-02.

The Procure IT Framework comprises:

  • Core& contracts for all low-risk ICT procurement up to $1 million ex GST
  • Procure IT v3.2 for all high-risk ICT procurement and ICT procurement over $1 million ex GST

Procure IT applies to the ICT Services Scheme

Core& contracts and Procure IT v3.2 apply to contracts with suppliers registered on the ICT Services Scheme.

Registered suppliers must use Core&

Regardless of the values allocated to each contract template above, ICT Services Scheme registered suppliers can only use Core& contracts in ICT procurements up to $150,000 (excluding GST).

Advanced suppliers may use Core& or Procure IT v3.2

Advanced registered suppliers can use:

  • Core& contracts in ICT procurements valued from $150,000 ex GST up to $1 million ex GST
  • Procure IT v3.2 for high-risk ICT procurements.

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