Procure IT Framework

Updated: 11 Jan 2021
The contractual requirements for buying ICT goods and services, comprised of Procure IT v3.2 and the Core& contracts.

Procure IT is a mandatory framework

The Procure IT Framework is the mandatory contractual framework NSW Government agencies must use when procuring ICT-related goods and services.

It is mandated by Procurement Board Direction 2020-02.

The Procure IT Framework comprises:

  • Core& contracts for all low-risk ICT procurement up to $1 million ex GST
  • Procure IT v3.2 for all high-risk ICT procurement and ICT procurement over $1 million (ex. GST).

Procure IT applies to the ICT Services Scheme

Core& contracts and Procure IT v3.2 apply to contracts with suppliers registered on the ICT Services Scheme.

Registered suppliers must use Core&

Regardless of the values allocated to each contract template above, ICT Services Scheme registered suppliers can only use Core& contracts in ICT procurements up to $150,000 (excluding GST).

Advanced suppliers may use Core& or Procure IT v3.2

Advanced registered suppliers can use:

  • Core& contracts in ICT procurements valued from $150,000 ex GST up to $1 million ex GST
  • Procure IT v3.2 for high-risk ICT procurements.

Procure IT transformation

Background to ICT procurement in NSW Government

NSW government agencies must use the Procure IT Framework when purchasing ICT-related goods and services. This is mandated by Procurement Board Direction 2020-02, which outlines the use, exceptions, and thresholds for ICT procurement.

High-risk ICT procurement, in particular, is subject to Procure IT v3.2. This is a specific contractual framework which is part of the overall Procure IT Framework.

Market practices for high-risk ICT procurement have changed significantly since the inception of the framework, and best-in-class procurement is now very different from what it used to be.

Despite that, there hasn't been a significant transformation of Procure IT v3.2, and the framework has only evolved incrementally.

We now have an opportunity to implement a workable model for the future, which will empower agencies to:

  • embrace new and transformative technologies
  • improve the experience of suppliers delivering ICT goods and services, and
  • ultimately enhance the experience of NSW public citizens.

Our new contemporary framework will underpin important NSW Government policy priorities and support opportunities for small to medium enterprises (SMEs), Aboriginal businesses, disability enterprises and start-ups, so they're empowered to do business with NSW Government.

The finalised framework will replace Procure IT v3.2 and establish a new, refreshed and industry-aligned baseline for high-value ICT procurement.

Core& is outside scope

The low-risk/low-value Core& contracts are outside the scope of this review.

Engagement and consultation phase

We aim to learn about the full spectrum of needs, capabilities and circumstances of suppliers, so we can take a holistic approach to the new framework.

To that end, the Department of Customer Service has released a draft of the proposed new Digital.NSW ICT Purchasing Framework (new framework) for consultation. The draft and the full consultation phase are designed to elicit candid and constructive feedback based on your firsthand experiences of NSW Government's ICT procurement.

Our goal is to ensure the new framework reflects the digital services and experience that NSW Government can offer.

What we learn during the consultation phase will ultimately contribute to an accessible and usable model for ICT contracting in NSW.

Watch the industry briefing session

In December 2020 the department held briefing sessions introducing the new framework to industry stakeholders.

Watch the video recording below or download the presentation slides PDF, 2984.88 KB.

Send feedback before 1 February

Email feedback to using the template feedback form available within the industry briefing pack PDF, 347.4 KB.

In providing feedback, please be clear and specific. Where applicable, please reference the relevant clause number.

Please provide any comments or feedback on the new framework by 10am on 1 February 2021.

If you have any questions ion the consultation process or how to submit feedback, please contact Dora Shipley (Policy, Strategy and Governance Lead) at

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Contact us with feedback and queries

If you have any questions in relation to the Procure IT Framework or you want to provide feedback, please email