GC21 Edition 2

Updated: 27 Apr 2020

GC21 Edition 2 standard form

The GC21 standard form is suitable for construction contracts valued at more than $1 million. GC21 may also be appropriate for construction contracts valued at less than $1 million when special circumstances and/or requirements exist (eg the use of milestones).

Changes from edition 1

The GC21 Edition 2 General conditions of contract build on the experience and project success delivered with edition 1 which had a highly effective emphasis on co-operative contracting and enhanced communication between the parties.  Edition 2 focuses on streamlining, updating and improving the operation of the contract to reflect experience and practice.  The requirement for contractors to use the GC21 subcontract has been discontinued in edition 2, and replaced with a short list of mandatory requirements to give the contractor and subcontractors flexibility in their commercial arrangements.

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