Core& Contracts

Updated: 22 Jul 2020

The Core& Contracts are contract templates available for the procurement of ICT/digital solutions that are low risk and involve expenditure of up to $1,000,000 (excluding GST). As part of the Procure IT framework, the use of the Core& Contracts is mandated by Procurement Board Direction 2020-02.

They are called Core& because they’re built around Core Terms which contain NSW Government’s minimum legal terms.

The Core& Contracts consist of 2 easy-to-use versions dependent on your procurement needs; Core& One and Core& Combined.

Core& One

Core& One has been designed so you can use it when procuring one individual solution in one transaction. Core& One is made up of the Core& One - Core Terms plus a set of 4 separate individual Core& One - Solution Requirements that you can choose from.

Core& Combined

Core& Combined has been designed to be used when you are procuring more than one solution in one transaction. Core& Combined is made up of the Core& Combined - Core Terms plus Part A: Combined Common Terms & Part B Combined Solution Requirements which have been consolidated into one document for ease of reference.


The Core& Contracts are part of the Procure IT Framework. NSW Government agencies must use the Procure IT Framework to buy ICT related goods and services. This is mandated by Procurement Board Direction 2020-02.

All the documents above apply to contracts with suppliers registered on the ICT Services Scheme.

Transitional arrangements

Pre 1 November 2018 contracts

All current contracts executed with the old short form contract format, prior to 1 November 2018 will continue on the same terms until expiry, unless and until the supplier and agency vary the contract under one of the Core& Contracts terms and conditions.

If a pre-1 November 2018 contract is extended or “renewed” in accordance with its terms after 1 November 2018, the contract continues on the terms unless the supplier and agency agree in writing otherwise.

Approval from the Department of Customer Service is required to vary a pre 1 November 2018 contract so as to extend its terms - rather than moving to a Core& Contract - where there are no remaining options to extend.


Videos are available to understand the requirements under Core& One and Core& Combined terms and conditions.

For more information on how to use the Core& Contracts, please download the Core& Contracts Guidelines DOCX, 533.73 KB.


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