Approval process for new telecommunications services

Updated: 22 Jul 2020
Requirements for new contracts with telecommunications services providers.

PBD-2019-02 Telecommunications Procurement sets out the requirements for agencies entering in to a contract with telecommunications service providers for enterprise telecommunications services.

Where agencies cannot comply with the specified requirements of this direction, an exemption must be requested, unless an agency can satisfy one of the automatic exemptions listed below.

Under an automatic exemption, agencies are not required to seek approval and may enter in to a contract under the terms of their accreditation.


Sole sourcing is permissible where:

(a) the contract (including any option period) has expired and

(b) services have been declared end of sale and

(c) the agency has the documented objective intention to switch off or transition to alternative technologies over the next two years.

An automatic exemption is only granted once per contract.

Sole sourcing is permissible where the agency has formed the opinion, acting reasonably and based on written documentation and analysis that there is only one supplier capable of providing the telecommunications service(s) at the agencies required location(s).

The onus is on the agency to ensure that alternative suppliers are not able deliver services at required location(s).

Agencies must separate contestable volume (services that can be delivered by multiple service providers) from non-contestable volume, and ensure that contestable volume is taken to market.

In all other cases, an exemption must be requested by:

  1. completing the submission form DOCX, 33.39 KB
  2. emailing the submission to

Approval of exemptions will be based on demonstration that the proposed approach maximises value for money.

Agencies are requested to allow 10 business days for consideration of an application for an exemption.