Welcome to buy.nsw guided buying

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Updated: 8 Apr 2020
NSW Procurement and Digital NSW are very excited to announce that the buy.nsw guided buying experience is now live.

Our new guided buying experience is more inclusive, offers a better mobile experience and is easier to read now that it’s written in plain English.

What's changed

  • buy.nsw has replaced ProcurePoint
  • ProcurePoint has been decommissioned.

Key features

The guided buying information is based on the needs of our buyers:

Continuous development

buy.nsw is one step closer to becoming the centralised gateway to procurement information and platforms for NSW Government.

We will continue to test and develop the site so that we are meeting our users' needs.

Feedback on the site

Please give feedback by:

Thanks for your patience, support and feedback during the transition from ProcurePoint to buy.nsw.