Professional services

Changes to standard commercial framework for Performance and Management Services (PMS) Scheme

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Updated: 18 Dec 2019
Professional services
New capped rates and discount structure to come into effect on 6 January 2020.

The following changes will apply to all new engagements under the standard commercial framework for the PMS Scheme:

  • fewer, revised capped rates due to engagement type harmonisation - a reduction from 91 to 42 capped rates for engagement types 1 to 12
  • simplified discount structure based on engagement size.

The changes will apply to new engagements only from 6 January 2020 and will not affect current engagements.

There are no changes to the other elements of the standard commercial framework or suppliers prequalification to engagement types.

Suppliers on the PMS Scheme have been informed. As per PBD-2019-01-Engagement of professional services suppliers, prequalified suppliers are expected to operate within the revised framework.

The engagement types 1 to 12 have been harmonised into the 6 capped rate engagements below:

Engagement typeStandard commercial framework capped rate description
Government and business strategyGovernment and business strategy
Audit, quality assurance and riskAudit, quality assurance and risk
Marketing and customerMarketing and customer
Financial servicesFinancial services
Project management
Change management
Business processes
Procurement and supply chain
Human resources
Transaction services
Actuarial services
Transaction, actuarial and taxation

For detailed information, including revised rates and discount structure, please download the standard commercial framework. It is available to NSW Government staff with a valid email address via the Major Suppliers' Portal.

For help accessing the Major Suppliers' Portal, please contact the NSW Procurement Service Centre.