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Guidance for buying

First of all, check your agency’s delegation manual and see who needs to approve the spend. Follow your agency’s approval procedure.

If your agency does not require you to follow a specific approach, the best practice advice for buying valued between $30-650,000 is,

To buy from contracts,

  • Get at least three written quotes, unless otherwise specified in scheme or contract conditions.
  • To buy , you need to use a supplier on the following whole of government arrangements (contracts listed below)
  • If you’re buying from a contract, you can use our request for quote template.

To buy from schemes,

  • When buying from a scheme, check the rules to see how many quotes you need to get as some schemes have their own rules. When you’re ready to approach suppliers, check with your agency if you need to manage your requests for quotes on your agency’s own quoting platform.

If is not available on a whole of government scheme or contract,

  • You need to run a procurement process that has been approved by your agency head or an accredited agency in your cluster.  Read more about the different ways you can approach the market.

You could also consider:

Contracting the suppliers

  • When you have chosen the supplier you want to engage, check with your agency’s procurement team if a purchase order is sufficient or if you need a specific contract.
  • Some schemes and contracts have their own contract templates. Check and see if there are specific contracts you need to use. If not, check if your agency has a contract template you need to use. Otherwise you can use our goods and services contract template.

Make sure you:

  • keep records of how your procurement achieves value for money.
  • check with procurement team to see there are additional rules or requirements you must follow.  OR If you’re not sure who that is, contact the NSW Procurement Service Centre.

For testing:

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This advice is based on:
Contact details

If your agency's procurement team contact details are not displayed below, contact:

NSW Procurement Service Centre
Telephone: 1800 679 289
Email:  nswbuy@treasury.nsw.gov.au.