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Guidance for buying
  • You can buy from any supplier, even where the goods or services are on a whole-of-government contract or mandated prequalification scheme. It’s good practice to still use suppliers on these arrangements where available.
  • You need to get one quote. Make sure the quote meets your requirements.
  • Check procurement team for agency specific rules if you can buy with a purchasing card (PCard) or if you need to raise a purchase order in your agency’s purchasing system.

Make sure you:

  • try to buy from small, medium, regional and Aboriginal businesses where possible.
  • keep records of how your procurement achieves value for money. You can usually do this by making sure the supplier’s rates are in line with normal market rates.
  • check with procurement team to see there are additional rules or requirements you must follow. Please see contact details below.

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Contact details

If your agency's procurement team contact details are not displayed below, contact:

NSW Procurement Service Centre
Telephone: 1800 679 289
Email:  nswbuy@treasury.nsw.gov.au.