List of suppliers

Date: 8 Jan 2020 - 9 Sep 2020
Updated: 9 Sep 2020
Type: Whole of government

Suppliers - Contract started October 2020

Core waste

RegionSupplierGeneral and organicsRecyclingLiquid  and otherSecure destruction
South and South Western SydneySuezxxx 
Central and Northern SydneySuezxxx 
Western Sydney and Blue MountainsBingo Industriesxxx 
Hunter and Central CoastSuezxxx 
Illawarra and South East NSW Suez xxx 
North Coast and Mid North CoastCleanawayxxx 
Western NSWCleanawayxxx 
New EnglandCleanawayxxx 
AllGrace   x

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Clinical waste

Local health districtSupplierClinical sharpsCytotoxicAnatomicalPharmaceuticalsOther clinical
South Western Sydney LHDCleanaway Danielsxxxxx
South Eastern Sydney LHDCleanaway Danielsxxxxx
Illawarra Shoalhaven LHDCleanaway Danielsxxxxx
Southern NSW LHDCleanaway Daniels xxxxx
Northern Sydney LHDCleanaway Danielsxxxxx
Central Coast LHDCleanaway Danielsxxxxx
Hunter New England LHDVeoliax    
Hunter New England LHDMed-X xxxx
Nepean Blue Mountains LHDCleanaway Danielsxxxxx
Sydney LHDCleanaway Danielsxxxxx
Murrumbidgee LHDCleanaway Danielsxxxxx
Mid North Coast LHDCleanaway Daniels xxxxx
Northern NSW LHDCleanaway Danielsxxxxx

Suppliers - contract ended September 2020

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Website: Cleanaway
Address: 48 Quarry Road, Erskine Park, NSW 2759
Postal address: PO Box 1051, St Mary NSW 1790

David Clancy
Phone: 0418 814 421

Website: Dial A Dump Industries
Address: 32 Burrows Road, Alexandria, NSW 2015
Postal address: PO Box 1040 Mascot, NSW 1460
Fax: 02 9516 5559

Michael Harloff
Phone: 02 9519 9999 or 0418 600 004

Website: Recall information Management
Site address: L2 170-180 Bourke Road Alexandria NSW 2015
Postal address: Locked Bag 5031 South Sydney Business Hub NSW 2015

Leroy Gordon
Phone:  02 9582 0112 or 0420 666 242

Website: JJ Richards & Sons
Address (depot):  7 -11 Rayben Street, Glendenning NSW 2761
Postal address (depot):  PO Box 420, Doonside NSW 2767

Monique Bachtis
Phone:  0400 662 069

Website: JR Richards & Sons
Address: PO Box 500, Tuncurry NSW 2428
Fax: 02 6555 7888

Debby Adams
Phone:  02 6555 7007

Websites: ORG Organic Recycling Group and Express Waste
Addresses: PO Box 803 Camden NSW 2570, PO Box 1241 Camden NSW 2570
Fax: 02 4655 2395

Jim McBurney
Phone:  0407 462 355

Website: Redlam Waste Services
Address: 10 Industrial Road Unanderra
Postal address: PO Box 2056 East Woonona 2517

Rick Jones
Phone:  02 4272 4866

Website: Remondis Australia
Address: PO Box 885 Mascot NSW 1460
Fax: 02 4677 1940

Peter Rimmer
Phone:  13 73 73

Website: Shred-It Australia
Address: Building 6, 9, Ashley Street West, Footscray Vic 3012
Postal address: PO Box 1190, Robinson Vic 3019
Fax: 03 9544 7483

Alan McGrouther
Phone:  0418 452 607

Website: Shred-X
Address: 2B, Bessemer St, Blacktown NSW 2148
Fax: 02 9881 5355

Barry Thinn
Phone: 02 9881 5350

Address: Cormorant Road, Kooragang NSW 2304
Postal address: PO BOX 1225, Castle Hill NSW 1765
Fax: 02 4910 9023

Miranda Randsome
Phone: 02 4928 2299

Website: SteriHealth
Site address: 2-10,  Wiblin Street, Silverwater NSW 2128
Postal address: PO Box 6585, Silverwater NSW 2128
Fax: 02 9748 2456

Mechelle Jourdain
Phone: 1300 66 77 87

Website: SUEZ Recycling & Recovery
Address: 201-205, Newton Road, Wetherill Park NSW 2164
Postal address: PO Box 6585, Silverwater NSW 2128
Fax: 02 9756 6278

Michelle Runge - Strategic Sales Manager
Phone: 0411 147 021 or Service: 13 13 35

Website: Sydney Waste Services
Address: 41-43, Bridge Street, Rydalmere NSW 2116
Postal address: PO Box 781, Bondi Junction NSW 1355

Elon Zizer
Phone: 02 8661 0031

Website: Veolia Environmental Services (Australia)
Address: 34 Lidco Street Arndell Park NSW 2148

Cliff Joynson
Phone: 0448 716 604

Code of behaviour

The supplier must, in carrying out this agreement, comply with the codes, policies and guidelines and standards listed in the contract, which includes the Code of Behaviour for the Protection of Children and other Vulnerable People.

The supplier must ensure that all persons working on the site or sites under the contract; including but not limited to the supplier’s employees and managers, consultants and sub-contractors, understand and comply with the requirements shown below:

  • All supplier employees must gain permission to enter the school or facility before commencing work and they may only enter approved areas. The supplier’s representative, or where a sub-contractor is working without the supervision of the supplier, the sub- contractor’s representative, must report their presence to the person in charge of the school or facility on arrival each day and record, in the site visit log, the details of all of the supplier’s or sub- contractor’s employees working at the site or sites that day.
  • Supplier employees should avoid talking with, touching or interacting with any children or residents or other users of the school or facility, except where the work requires it, or in an emergency or safety situation.
  • Supplier employees must only use approved toilets and other facilities, unless the person in charge of the school or facility gives written authority to use alternative arrangements.
  • The work area must not be able to be used or accessed by children, or residents or other users of the school or facility while work is in progress. Clear signs and barricades (where appropriate) must be used to prevent any inadvertent or unauthorised access.
  • Appropriate privacy must be maintained when working on toilets and similar facilities. Supplier Employees must ensure that toilets and similar facilities are not occupied or in use by children, residents or other users before entering to perform work, and that work does not continue when use of the facilities is required.
  • Where practicable male employees should perform work on male facilities and female employees on female facilities.
  • Supplier employees must wear clothing that is tidy and in good condition, including a shirt, shorts or trousers or skirts at all times.
  • Supplier employees should report any concerns about children’s behaviour or child abuse to the person in charge of the school or facility.
  • Supplier employees must wear or carry an identity card at all times when on the site or sites.