Virtual Travel Card Payment Facility Contract

  • Mandatory
Date: 1 Mar 2016 - 28 Feb 2021
Updated: 28 Feb 2020
Managed: NSW Procurement Contact owner
Type: Whole of government
Scheme Number: 1009
The contract provides for efficient and easy payment for air travel, accommodation and car hire.

Range of services

Contract 1009 provides for efficient and easy payment for air travel, accommodation and car hire.

In addition to the actual payment method, the contract benefits buyers by providing the following billing and payment facilities:

  • pre-statement data matching
  • post-statement data matching
  • a variety of payment options – including, direct debit and electronic funds transfer (EFT)
  • online statement and reconciliation tool (BTAConnect)
  • training.

Key contract features

  • AMEX provides a one-stop shop where all elements of a trip (air travel, accommodation and car hire) can be paid.
  • AMEX provides a comprehensive 2-stage enhanced data matching process ensuring all air travel transactions are easily reconcilable. Statements may be held for up to 6 days to ensure air travel statement data is as accurate as possible.
  • AMEX populates its statements with enhanced accommodation data provided by FCM, ensuring that accommodation transactions are easily reconcilable.
  • AMEX provides NSW Government agency access to BTA connect - an online statement and reconciliation tool. Download the BTA Connect user general form XLSX, 65.85 KB.
  • In responding to statement queries, AMEX has a defined process, including turnaround times.


AMEX holds the following insurance polices:

  • public liability insurance: $10 million
  • services liability insurance: $10 million
  • workers compensation.

If you are unsure of your eligibility to access this contract please visit the Non-agency buyers page and download the list of eligible buyers.

If you are not on the list of eligible buyers you can register as a new buyer to use NSW Government contracts and other supply arrangements by completing the online application form.

For assistance or more information, please contact NSW Procurement Service Centre.

Approved supplier

Contact details

Website: American Express
Address: 12 Shelley Street, Sydney NSW 2000

John Sater
Senior Relationship Manager - Large Market
Global Commercial Services

Phone: 0423 965 110

Account management

For queries including account setup, changes and closure please contact American Express Government Business Travel Accounts Servicing team on 1300 787 120 or email

Code of behaviour

The supplier must, in carrying out this agreement, comply with the codes, policies and guidelines and standards listed in the contract, which includes the Code of Behaviour for the Protection of Children and other Vulnerable People.

The supplier must ensure that all persons working on the site or sites under the contract; including but not limited to the supplier’s employees and managers, consultants and sub-contractors, understand and comply with the requirements shown below:

  • All supplier employees must gain permission to enter the school or facility before commencing work and they may only enter approved areas. The supplier’s representative, or where a sub-contractor is working without the supervision of the supplier, the sub- contractor’s representative, must report their presence to the person in charge of the school or facility on arrival each day and record, in the site visit log, the details of all of the supplier’s or sub- contractor’s employees working at the site or sites that day.
  • Supplier employees should avoid talking with, touching or interacting with any children or residents or other users of the school or facility, except where the work requires it, or in an emergency or safety situation.
  • Supplier employees must only use approved toilets and other facilities, unless the person in charge of the school or facility gives written authority to use alternative arrangements.
  • The work area must not be able to be used or accessed by children, or residents or other users of the school or facility while work is in progress. Clear signs and barricades (where appropriate) must be used to prevent any inadvertent or unauthorised access.
  • Appropriate privacy must be maintained when working on toilets and similar facilities. Supplier Employees must ensure that toilets and similar facilities are not occupied or in use by children, residents or other users before entering to perform work, and that work does not continue when use of the facilities is required.
  • Where practicable male employees should perform work on male facilities and female employees on female facilities.
  • Supplier employees must wear clothing that is tidy and in good condition, including a shirt, shorts or trousers or skirts at all times.
  • Supplier employees should report any concerns about children’s behaviour or child abuse to the person in charge of the school or facility.
  • Supplier employees must wear or carry an identity card at all times when on the site or sites.

Setting up a new business travel account

The AMEX business travel account (BTA) is the NSW whole-of-government mandated form of payment for business-related travel expenses.

To establish an account, please contact the AMEX representative:

John Sater
Senior Relationship Manager - Large Market
Global Commercial Services, American Express Australia

Section 1 in the application form should be filled in with the below information:

American Express Sales Person

John Sater

Telephone Number

0423 965 110

Name of your Travel Management Company (TMC)

FCM Travel Solutions

Address of your TMC

Level 4, 33 Berry Street, North Sydney, NSW 2060


20 003 279 534

TMC Code


Travel Office Code


Once you have applied for a BTA, you must advise FCM. This will speed up the process and ensure the Amex BTA is linked to the appropriate account.

Following this step, both FCM and AMEX will work with your organisation and provide advice in relation to your account set up, including your account structure and completion of required forms.

Once both FCM and AMEX accounts have been established, your organisation will be notified.

Allow approximately 2 weeks for establishment of new FCM and AMEX accounts.


Payment options

  • Direct debit: paying via direct debit avoids the need to pay any late charges. NSW Procurement recommends it as the preferred method of payment. Organisations that elect to settle their AMEX business travel account by direct debit will have the money debited from their nominated bank account 14 days after their statement cycle cut.
  • Electronic funds transfer (EFT).

Late payment fees

Late payment fees will apply to accounts which are unpaid at the next statement issuance date.

AMEX will be able to advise your organisation of applicable late fees during the AMEX business travel account setup process.

It is the responsibility of an organisation to manage payment of their AMEX business travel account to ensure they do not incur any late payment fees.

Government taxes and charges

All taxes, duties and charges imposed or levied in Australia or overseas in connection with the performance of this agreement will be borne by the supplier.

Complaints and disputes

If a dispute arises, the first contact for travellers/bookers will be with FCM, however AMEX’s account manager/helpdesk will need to be aware and if necessary involved with analysing and resolving any transactions in dispute.

Please contact FCM on if you have any finance queries including:

  • American Express statement queries including enhanced data - please include a copy or screen shot of your statement and the area you are querying
  • FCM invoices - should you have access to FCM Portal, invoices are available for all of your travel
  • copies of hotel invoices (including incidental breakdowns)
  • queries on charges.

Where a transaction is disputed and found to be an incorrect charge to the NSW Government caused by AMEX, a credit for the transaction amount must be processed by AMEX within five working days of AMEX accepting responsibility for the error.

NSW Government can dispute transactions up to 90 days after the transaction is charged to the BTA account.