Travel Management Services Contract

  • Mandatory
Date: 1 Mar 2016 - 28 Feb 2021
Updated: 7 Jan 2019
Managed: NSW Procurement Contact owner
Type: Whole of government
Scheme Number: 1008
The contract covers air travel, accommodation, car hire, rail and ferry, coach charter, group travel and visa service.

Range of services

Contract 1008 provides a range of travel and travel-related services, including bookings for the following:

  • air travel – domestic and international
  • accommodation
  • car hire
  • rail and ferry
  • coach
  • charter
  • group travel (10 or more travellers)
  • visa service.

FCM offers a variety of methods to book travel including an online booking tool, telephone and email.

The contract also provides support via the following:

  • assisting with compliance to NSW Government travel policies
  • emergency situation assistance
  • training.

Key contract features

  • a one-stop shop where all elements of a trip can be booked in one transaction
  • 100% dedicated Australia-based consultant team
  • access to over 1000 contracted accommodation providers, offering better value for money on hotel bookings
  • access to discounted domestic and international air fares negotiated for NSW Government travellers
  • an online booking tool with a single page view for air, hotel and car hire, improving the overall speed and efficiency of the booking process
  • the ability to make changes and cancellations to bookings via the online booking tool (Refer Online booking tool quick reference guide PDF, 386.8 KB)
  • enhanced data provided to AMEX for all types of booking ensuring that transactions are easily reconcilable
  • tracking and response services for travellers, assisting NSW Government in fulfilling Workplace Health and Safety requirements in the occurrence of a major event or disaster
  • quality reporting, including non-compliance with NSW Government travel policies
  • strategic advice and assistance for agencies to improve the performance of their travel programs.

Response times


  • answer 95% of calls within 20 seconds
  • call back time – 100% within 1 hour
  • on hold times: no more than 3 minutes.

24-hour “emergency” service

All calls to be answered within 20 seconds and resolved within a 1 hour period.

Quotes will be confirmed by email

  • OBT: immediate
  • domestic: no more than 2 hours
  • international (up to 4 segments): no more than 6 hours
  • international (complex > 4 segments): no more than 24 hours
  • emergency situation (including urgent group bookings): within 1 hour.

Itinerary/reservations will be confirmed by email

  • OBT: immediate
  • domestic: no more than 2 hours
  • international (up to 4 segments): no more than 6 hours
  • international (complex > 4 segments): no more than 24 hours
  • emergency situation (including urgent group bookings): within 1 hour.

Itinerary options to be provided

Domestic: reservations will be confirmed by email:

  • 1 to 2 itinerary options to be provided
  • options will be 20 minutes pre/post requested travel time

International: reservations will be confirmed by email:

  • 3 itinerary options to be provided
  • international travel 4 hours pre/post requested travel time.

New profile management

New profile created within 30 minutes from time of receipt - this is applicable to a single profile creation.

Ticket refunds

Refund applications are actioned within 24 hours of receipt

Complaints handling

The TMC will respond within 24 hours of receiving a complaint.

The TMC must endeavour to resolve the complaint within 24 hours of receipt.  If the complaint is not resolved within this period, a resolution plan will be agreed with NSWG.


All data must be collated and ready for release to NSWG and must be available by the 6th day of each month for the previous month or quarter.

Account establishment/change/closure

The TMC will action any changes or closure to an account within 30 working days. Enquiries may include:

  • establish new TMC account
  • new / change ABN
  • change account hierarchy
  • cancel / close account.

Key benefits

Regional support

In addition to the 100% dedicated consultant team, FCM can provide locally based support for NSW Government travellers in regional and remote areas through the following Flight Centre retail offices:


Flight Centre Armidale
Shop 3A, Corner Complex
108 Dangar Street
Armidale NSW 2350

Phone: 1800 514 701 or 02 6771 5474

Bob Baddams

Leah Gilroy

Coffs Harbour

Flight Centre Coffs Harbour
Shop 8, Coffs Central S/C
35 - 61 Harbour Drive
Coffs Harbour NSW 2450

Phone: 1800 524 387 or 02 6658 0587

Luke Ratcliffe

Michael Lane


Flight Centre Dubbo
Shop 6, 137 Macquarie Street
Dubbo NSW 2830

Phone: 1800 526 843 or 02 6881 6108

Jodie Shibble

Georgia Clarke


Flight Centre Grafton
Tenancy 20, Grafton Shoppingworld
Corner Fitzroy and Duke Streets
Grafton NSW 2460

Phone: 1800 531 024 or 02 6643 4890

Sarah Artajelo

Flight Centre Newcastle
97-99 Hunter Street
Newcastle NSW  2300

Phone: 1800 541 056 or 02 4927 5633

Hayley Jonson

Karen Tuckerman


Flight Centre Orange
Shop 1, 205 Anson Street
Orange NSW 2800

Phone: 1800 541 983 or 02 6363 8922

Danielle Sudamalis

Jenna Bills

Port Macquarie

Flight Centre Settlement City
Shop 3A
Settlement City Shopping Centre
Corner Park and Bay Streets
Port Macquarie NSW 2444

Phone: 1800 546 809 or 02 6588 3777

Claire McLellan

Sandie Eade


Flight Centre Tamworth
Shop T12, Tamworth City Plaza
436 Peel Street
Tamworth NSW 2340

Phone: 1800 549 573 or 02 6755 5900

Emily Marshall

Jamie-Lee Brown


Flight Centre Wollongong
Shop LGW010, Wollongong Central
S/C West Building
200 Crown Street
Wollongong NSW 2500

Phone: 1800 564 820 or 02 4226 1977

Leah Bullough

Alex McLellan


FCM holds the following required insurance:

  • public liability insurance
  • workers compensation insurance.

Travel insurance and travel assistance

Provision of travel Insurance for NSW Government employees does not form part of this contract.

For any coverage related enquiries please contact Insurance for NSW:

Ph: 02 9216 3327

For claims related enquiries please contact:

Gallagher Bassett
Ph: 1300 407 022 or (for overseas: +61 2 9464 7450)

For any medical emergency assistance whist overseas please contact:

International SOS
Phone 02 9978 6682 (24/7 Sydney Assistance Centre)

Other information

View other travel and related services information, including travel policies.

Eligibility to use contract

Public bodies can purchase from NSW Government contracts under Clause 6 of the Public Works and Procurement Regulation 2019.

How to register as an eligible buyer

To register as a new customer please complete the online registration form.

Once approved, you will be advised of your authorised buyer identification number (NSWBuy number). You will then eligible to use the NSW Government contracts. This process may take up to 8 weeks.

Please email if you have any problems completing your application form or if you wish to check your registration status.

How to manage complaints and disputes

If a complaint or dispute occurs, both the buyer and the supplier must first seek resolution at the agency level.

Buyers: check our complaint management guidelines online.

Suppliers: make your complaint to the agency customer service representative or procurement area agent. If you can't reach resolution, you can escalate your complaint internally to someone more senior in the agency, or directly to the agency head.

If the dispute cannot be resolved by mutual agreement of both parties, you can escalate the complaint to NSW Procurement.

Contact NSW Procurement via our details on this site if you need more advice.

Approved supplier

Address: Level 4, 33 Berry Street, North Sydney NSW 2060
Website: FCM portal and online booking tool registration

Booking travel

Please contact FCM at or 1800 823 464 or 02 8974 0859 for all travel booking queries including:

  • air, car hire and accommodation bookings
  • changes to bookings
  • quotes
  • utilising credits

Finance queries

FCM has a dedicated email for queries relating to:

  • American Express statement including enhanced data (please include a copy or screen shot of your statement and the area you are querying)
  • queries on charges
  • copies of hotel invoices including incidental breakdowns
  • FCM invoices (invoices are accessible via FCM Portal).

Account managers

Alana Hoyle or phone 0408 811 337

Michelle Leffley or phone 0408 485 827

Code of behaviour

The supplier must, in carrying out this agreement, comply with the codes, policies and guidelines and standards listed in the contract, which includes the Code of Behaviour for the Protection of Children and other Vulnerable People.

The supplier must ensure that all persons working on the site or sites under the contract; including but not limited to the supplier’s employees and managers, consultants and sub-contractors, understand and comply with the requirements shown below:

  • All supplier employees must gain permission to enter the school or facility before commencing work and they may only enter approved areas. The supplier’s representative, or where a sub-contractor is working without the supervision of the supplier, the sub- contractor’s representative, must report their presence to the person in charge of the school or facility on arrival each day and record, in the site visit log, the details of all of the supplier’s or sub- contractor’s employees working at the site or sites that day.
  • Supplier employees should avoid talking with, touching or interacting with any children or residents or other users of the school or facility, except where the work requires it, or in an emergency or safety situation.
  • Supplier employees must only use approved toilets and other facilities, unless the person in charge of the school or facility gives written authority to use alternative arrangements.
  • The work area must not be able to be used or accessed by children, or residents or other users of the school or facility while work is in progress. Clear signs and barricades (where appropriate) must be used to prevent any inadvertent or unauthorised access.
  • Appropriate privacy must be maintained when working on toilets and similar facilities. Supplier Employees must ensure that toilets and similar facilities are not occupied or in use by children, residents or other users before entering to perform work, and that work does not continue when use of the facilities is required.
  • Where practicable male employees should perform work on male facilities and female employees on female facilities.
  • Supplier employees must wear clothing that is tidy and in good condition, including a shirt, shorts or trousers or skirts at all times.
  • Supplier employees should report any concerns about children’s behaviour or child abuse to the person in charge of the school or facility.
  • Supplier employees must wear or carry an identity card at all times when on the site or sites.

Travel bookings

Bookings and quotes can be made by phone, email or through an online booking tool.

Online booking tool

The online booking tool is the cheapest and most efficient booking method for domestic and international air travel, car hire and accommodation, including getting quotes and making changes to bookings.

To access the list of accommodation providers, please log into the the FCM Hub portal and look for the online directory.

Please contact your cluster representative or your FCM Account Manager to arrange access to the online booking tool.

Alana Hoyle or phone 0408 811 337

Michelle Leffley or phone 0408 485 827

Phone and email bookings

Normal business hours coverage is 8am to 6pm Australian Eastern Standard Time.  The normal hours service is delivered by a team of at least 15 dedicated FCM travel consultants based within Australia.  Phone calls outside of normal business hours will incur an after-hours fee. The after-hours service is performed by an Australian based FCM team and includes 24/7 weekend coverage.  Please contact NSW Procurement or your cluster representative for further information.

Please contact FCM at or 1800 823 464 or 02 8974 0859 for all travel booking queries including:

  • air, car hire and accommodation bookings
  • changes to bookings
  • quotes
  • using credits

Holding flights

All quotes are offered in line with airline ticketing time limits. Airlines will not allow additional time to hold flights. This is an airline restriction. The standard time for ticketing is approximately 3 days however these vary greatly depending on the ticket class and can be as little as immediate ticketing conditions. There is no option for FCM to extend the ticketing time limit as it is an airline restriction. FCM are bound by these airline rules and heavy fines apply if these are not followed and airlines will automatically cancel the held fare.

After-hours service

Normal business hours coverage is 8am to 6pm Australian Eastern Standard Time.  Phone calls outside of this time will incur an after hours fee.  Please contact NSW Procurement or your cluster representative for further information.

Travel commissions

FCM is contractually obliged to return to NSW Government all commissions received as a result of having completed NSW Government travel bookings.

Government taxes and charges

All taxes, duties and charges imposed or levied in Australia or overseas in connection with the performance of this agreement will be borne by the supplier.