Telecommunications Purchasing Arrangements Contract

Update history

Expansion of Contract 2210 Telecommunications Purchasing Arrangements
Updated: 25 Oct 2019

New suppliers and services added to contract 2210.

The Department of Customer Services (DCS) has added 7 new suppliers to Contract 2210 Telecommunications Purchasing Arrangements (TPA).

The suppliers below have been approved to supply standardised telecommunications services, and join the 8 incumbent suppliers:

  • Ace Internet Services Pty Ltd
  • Australian Private Networks Pty Ltd (Activ8me)
  • Macquarie Telecom Pty Ltd
  • Premier Technologies Pty Ltd
  • Professional Data Kinetics Pty Ltd (Kinetix Networks)
  • Superloop (Operations) Pty Ltd
  • Tasmanet Pty Ltd

DCS has also updated the TPA service catalogue, adding new services and options across internet, fixed data, fixed voice, mobile and network applications service towers. This includes better support for enterprise-grade NBN services.

All new suppliers are compliant with the new service catalogue. The 8 incumbent suppliers are in transition and should be compliant by December 2019.

Network Applications service tower added to Contract 2210 Telecommunications Purchasing Arrangements (TPAs)
Updated: 24 May 2019

Available now to eligible buyers, joining the other 4 service towers of Fixed Data, Fixed Voice, Internet and Mobile.

The Department of Finance, Services and Innovation has expanded Contract 2210 Telecommunications Purchasing Arrangements to include a fifth service tower, Network Applications.

Services in the Network Applications service tower

Network Applications provide additional, 'over-the-top' services for network connectivity, enhancing one or more aspects of communication between sites. These services can use multiple types of underlying carriage in flexible configurations.

The first service already available in Network Applications is Software Defined Wide Area Network as a Service (SD-WANaaS).

This is a service that uses overlay, or over-the-top, technologies to provide connectivity to one or more customer locations.

This over-the-top service can offer improvements in performance and service delivery capabilities over traditional fixed data services.

Being offered ‘as a service’, most components are provided as a bundled service by a single service provider. However, carriage can be provided by a third party or the customer, where the SD-WAN provider manages the carriage for the customer.

Contract features

Like the other service towers, Network Applications has a service catalogue with a standard specification and price book.

As it is part of Contract 2210, it also incorporates all other conditions such as annual benchmarking and most favoured customer pricing to ensure that pricing remains aligned to the best market rates available.

Approved suppliers

Vocus, Optus and Vertel are the initial three suppliers, with further suppliers to be added in coming weeks.

More suppliers and services may be added in the future.