How to buy

Date: 20 Dec 2019 - 19 Jan 2021
Updated: 19 Jan 2021
Type: Whole of government

Online catalogues

The service catalogue sets out the service description, requirements and the price book for each service tower. Service catalogues are treated as confidential information.

Agencies can request the service catalogue directly by filling out the TPA service catalogue request form.

Service catalogue updates

DCS is responsible for service catalogue and price book updates. We will notify suppliers if pricing updates are needed.

If a supplier wishes to update of their own accord, they can email or contact the NSW Procurement Service Centre.

All changes to the service catalogue and pricing schedule will undergo a review and approval process by DCS ICT/Digital Sourcing prior to any changes. We will notify customers upon approval.

Buy from the TPA service catalogues

As per PBD-2019-02-Telecommunications Procurement, when procuring telecommunications services with a total contract value exceeding $100,000 agencies must buy through the TPAs (Contract 2210).

Buyers can purchase services via 2 options:

  • Seek quotes from at least three providers for telecommunications services at contract expiry,
  • Purchase the lowest price offered through the TPAs

Negotiate with nominated service provider

To maximise savings, buyers should to test the market by confirming the price for each service with suppliers off the panel.

If the buyer negotiates a better unit rate than specified in the price books, this price becomes available to all buyers. This includes buyers with pre-established customer contracts.

Buyers can request negotiating support if needed by emailing

Complete the purchase and finalise customer contract

Upon finalising negotiations with suppliers and receiving PTS endorsement, customers may sign the customer contract.

Customers can contact the NSW Procurement Service Centre for assistance.

Frequently asked questions

Q&As for buyers

I'm a from local government, can I buy off the TPA?

The TPA is open to most eligible buyers including all NSW Government agencies and some eligible non-government bodies.

NSW Government agencies include:

  • a government sector agency (within the meaning of the Government Sector Employment Act 2013 (NSW))
  • a NSW Government agency
  • any other public authority of NSW that is constituted by or under an Act or that exercises public functions (other than a state-owned corporation)
  • or any State-owned corporation prescribed by regulations under the PWP Act.

Eligible non-government bodies permitted to purchase through the TPA includes:

  • a private hospital
  • a local council or other local authority
  • a charity or other community non-profit organisation
  • a private school or a college
  • a university.

I'm from another government jurisdiction, can I buy off the TPA?

No. Government buyers from other states or the Commonwealth are not able to buy services through the TPA.

However, pricing, terms and conditions can be provided subject to a non-disclosure agreement.

What can I do if I am not satisfied with the services provided by the supplier under the TPA?

You should try to resolve the issue directly with the supplier first. If this fails, you can email We will ensure that the issue is receiving appropriate attention by the supplier.

How do I find out who is on the panel?

See 'Approved suppliers' above.

Can I get access to supplier pricing?

Access can be requested via the TPA service catalogue request form. You will need to agree to sign a non-disclosure agreement and keep information confidential.

Does this mean I don't have to get three quotes for new contracts?

No. The TPAs do not preclude NSW Government agencies or clusters from exercising due diligence when procuring services.

What if I don't have procurement accreditation?

You can apply for procurement accreditation. See Agency Accreditation Scheme for Procurement.

Buying off the TPA does not void the need for an agency to procure within its accreditation.

Can I still approach service providers directly?

PBD-2019-02-Telecommunications Procurement mandates that for contracts exceeding $100,000 in value agencies must seek quotes from at least three service providers for telecommunications services. However, there are exemptions that allow agencies to buy off a supplier that is not on the TPA panel.

We have developed a set of standardised RFQ and customer contract templates which are available to agencies to simplify the procurement process.

What if I want to buy off a supplier that is not on the TPA Panel?

PBD-2019-02-Telecommunications Procurement  mandates that for contracts exceeding $100,000 in value agencies must use TPAs. However, there are exemptions that allow agencies to buy off a supplier that is not on the TPA panel.

We will be conducting periodic intakes of new suppliers.

What if I need to buy services that are not part of the TPA service specifications?

The TPA framework allows agencies to buy services that are not on the price book where they are needed to meet agency specific requirements.

If this happens, we may seek to update the price book to add pricing for these services.

What if the service levels don't suit my needs?

Buyers can define custom service levels as agency-specific requirements.

However, this may result in extra fees and charges to those set out in the relevant price book.

Does TPA replace any existing governance arrangements such as PTSWG?


I am still on a contract with a service provider, can I migrate over to the TPA? And how?

We expect buyers to migrate services to the TPA when their existing contracts reach the end of their initial term.

A buyer may be able to transition earlier if they

  • can transition under their existing contract without penalty
  • are prepared to pay any early termination charges.

What's the advantage of using the TPA?

The TPA offers:

  • competitive prices offered by all major suppliers
  • easier evaluation of offers through standardised services
  • simplified procurement when adopting procurement templates
  • ability to benefit from commercial mechanisms designed to capture unit price decline such as annual benchmarking coordinated by DFSI or ‘most favoured customer’ pricing. For example, if a buyer is able to negotiate a lower price to a standard service, this is price drop is applicable all buyers.

How do I map my current/future services to the TPA catalogues?

We have created service descriptions and catalogues to help buyers and sellers define services in a standardised way, these are available on Digital.nsw. If you need help, please email

What resources or support are available to help transition to the TPAs?

If you need help transitioning to the TPA, please email

Q&As for suppliers

How often am I allowed to update pricing? How do I do it?

As set out in the TPA contract, all suppliers have an opportunity to submit pricing for the next 12 months annually. This needs to be submitted at least 2 months before the anniversary date to allow enough time for review.

If you would like to reduce your prices, please email

Why would I want to proactively reduce my prices?

Having your best price in the TPA price book maximises the chance you will be asked to quote for services by a potential buyer.

I'd like to offer services in another service tower, what should I do?

We will be undertaking periodic onboarding of new suppliers across all service towers. To register your interest, please email

Are there any pre-requisites for joining the TPA?

Yes. Suppliers must:

  • be a licensed carrier or carriage service provider
  • have service delivery operations (not just sales operations or a field office) in Australia
  • be a current advanced prequalified supplier on the ICT Services Scheme.

How can I get on the panel?

New service providers can register for inclusion on the TPA panel at any time however supplier intakes will happen periodically. Please follow the steps below for registration of interest:

Service catalogue information for approved service providers can be found under the "Buy from this contract" section below.

What type of telecommunications services are sold through the TPA panel and what does that entail?

The TPA covers telecommunications services which have been categorised into 5 service towers. These include:

  • fixed data: fixed connectivity between offices and data centres
  • internet: internet services for data centres and offices as well as related security services
  • fixed voice: enterprise grade telephony services, contact centres and unified communications
  • mobiles: mobile phone services, hardware and related services.
  • network applications: SD-WANaaS

For more details, please email

How can I sell services that are not on the panel or are part of the specification?

Depending on the customer's requirements, you may sell services that address their bespoke requirements.

Download Customer Onboarding Checklist


Customers manage their own customer contracts. They can email for support.

Please view the customer onboarding checklist for details on the process for onboarding the TPA.