Supply of Non-Automotive Liquefied Petroleum Gas Contract

  • Mandatory
Date: 1 Jun 2020 - 31 May 2025
Updated: 15 Apr 2020
Managed: HealthShare NSW Contact owner
Type: Whole of government
Scheme Number: 349
The contract is for the supply of gas and vessels to all NSW Government eligible customers.

Range of products and services

The contract covers:

  • bulk gas
  • cylinder gas price
  • cylinder and tank rental charges.

All items in the contract have been chosen by a panel of product experts to ensure they meet the needs of NSW Health.

Eligibility to use contract

Public bodies can purchase from NSW Government contracts under Clause 6 of the Public Works and Procurement Regulation 2019.

How to register as an eligible buyer

To register as a new customer please complete the online registration form.

Once approved, you will be advised of your authorised buyer identification number (NSWBuy number). You will then eligible to use the NSW Government contracts. This process may take up to 8 weeks.

Please email if you have any problems completing your application form or if you wish to check your registration status.

Approved supplier

Origin Energy is the sole provider for the state of NSW.

Website: Origin Energy
Address: 26 Pembury Road, Minto NSW 2566

Help desk: 1300 765 583 (8am to 6pm Monday to Friday)
Emergency number: 1800 808 526 (National Response Centre 24/7)

Contact details

Lee Stone
Head of Customer Experience Program
Mobile: 0475 814 425

Jeff Anderson
Regional Sales Manager, NSW
Mobile: 0476 808 760

Hayden Maynard
Key Account Manager – HealthShare
Mobile: 0436 949 749

Code of behaviour

The supplier must, in carrying out this agreement, comply with the codes, policies and guidelines and standards listed in the contract, which includes the Code of Behaviour for the Protection of Children and other Vulnerable People.

How to place an order

Eligible buyers can order goods and services direct with the supplier.  If you are in a public hospital in NSW, this should happen through your local ordering system.

By placing an order, you are entering into a contract with the supplier. As a minimum, the following should be included in the order:

  • contract number and name
  • name and address of supplier and customer
  • NSWBuy number*
  • customer’s order number
  • date of order and date of delivery
  • item, HIMF, product code, contract price, quantity and any accessories.

If you are unsure of your NSWBuy number, please contact the NSW Procurement Service Centre on 1800 679 289 or


Pricing information is available on Supplier Price Guide. If you have access you can log in at

To view pricing information,you will need login access. Eligible buyers can request access via the NSW Procurement Service Centre on


Sydney metro / regional

  • standard deliveries: 48 hours from orders placed before 3pm
  • emergency deliveries: within 24 hours of order

Rural / remote NSW

  • standard deliveries: 72 hours from order placed before 3pm
  • emergency deliveries: within 48 hours of order

Delivery conditions

  • safe and clear access to storage assets on site (including hard ground during wet weather for truck access)
  • clearly communicated site access restrictions (hours of operation, security clearance, PIN codes for access gates, site procedures, site inductions)

Returns policy

Origin do not have a formal returns policy however are committed to returning excess stock if not required without additional cost.

LPG as a delivered bulk product is non-returnable unless the site ceases to operate and the assets will be removed.

Cylinder tracking

All cylinders regardless of supplier are required to be tracked, generally via bar code scanning.

Usage reports should be discussed with Origin at respective meetings. Data should provide insight into stock turns and aged cylinders.  Decisions should be made to write off aged cylinders periodically to reduce rental charges and ensure end of contract terms do not include excessive cylinder volumes for write off.

Cylinder write off charges

Lost equipment pricing will only apply where a customer agrees the item as lost item. The applicable price per item is based on the pooled book value price adjusted annually on the basis that no credit will be given should the lost asset be subsequently found.

Disputes and complaints

Try  to resolve contract and product issues directly with the supplier.

If NSW Health entities are unable to resolve the matter to their satisfaction, the issue may be escalated by contacting the HealthShare NSW Contract Manager.

Other organisations may escalate the issue by contacting the NSW Procurement Service Centre.

Performance management

Supplier performance is assessed based on a series of KPI metrics reviewed by the contract manager. KPIs cover:

  • on-time delivery to specification including emergency deliveries
  • customer satisfaction
  • reporting and invoicing accuracy
  • cylinder tracking accuracy
  • helpdesk response time
  • timely provision of accurate and complete sales statistics
  • invoicing and billing accuracy
  • supplier equipment uptime.